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Smoking fake weed and real weed in a single joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by illxwill, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. tell me, would it be a good idea to mix fake weed like the kind you get off the web or smoke shops (starship) "legal bud" with real weed. some mids.

    is it a good high?
    or just a total waste of weed?

  2. I think you would get just as high wheather you had the fake weed in there or not. The fake weed is more to relax with so maybe you will feel alittle bit higher but I dont think it would be much different than a spliff as far as one herb mixed with another.
  3. i can go with that.
    appreciate it.

  4. Be careful..about 90% of the "legal buds" are known to give headaches. Which, can really ruin a good high.
  5. ^ agreed. There really is no reason to be smoking the fake weed unless you were going to try to make a spliff to make it burn slower but I would recommend just smoking pure weed.
  6. well i smoked a joint rolled with some of that legal bud and well i was high for a good bit, i not complaining.:smoking:
  7. All the "fake weed" is doing is taking up space.
  8. thats true if you have plenty of weed and not that many joint papers.
  9. its called a spliff
    they are usaully when weed is rolled with tobacco
  10. its not called a spliff when your using "legal bud".. or it could be

    but i enjoy spliff every once in a while
  11. I dunno, I mean, you'll still get high off of the real weed. Why not try and see, if you've already got some legals laying around? It couldn't hurt.

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