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smoking experiments in space?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rekotnotrub, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. what would be a cool smoking experiment to do in space?
  2. wait man... are you in space. :0
  3. i feel like it man im that high
  4. haha what strain and how much did ya smoke? that's whats up
  5. some fuckin dank ass blue due dram
  6. nice man! I recently got the dankest lemon diesal kush I'd ever seen(29% thc) and sprinkled Lsd hash on it. after 2 bubblers and a steamroller I was gonna. I felt like I was floating
  7. smoking requires combustion which is impossible without oxygen so maybe none. unless you were in your spacesuit or ship and hotboxed the shit out of it while orbiting mars ubuhhhhh i could only dream

  8. Which would be a very stupid thing to do. The enriched oxygen environment would catch fire / explode almost sadly, no smoking in space.

    Vaping maybe?

  9. International space station getting blazed all day <3
  10. sign me up!
  11. I feel like eveybody is smoking blue dream and sour diesel this month and I picked up a Quarter of each in the past 2 weeks!! And r u in MD?
  12. so what happened to burtontoker?

  13. He got banned D:
  14. be a good hotbox :D
  15. Those O-rings will never go away...

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