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Smoking everyday

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Joedahoe, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I smoke everyday. With friends we all match up and get hella stoned. My parents where out of town all summer and just got back. I can't smoke freely anymore so I have to mask my smoking better. What can I do besides extra strength cler eyes?
  2. If your 18 as the website requires I would not worry about my eyes. If your 18 and still live with your parents, I would not smoke in the house period. It is their house therefore you should respect the rules.
  3. you should fire it up. that always helps me come up with ideas
  4. if you want to chill inside get a vaporizer
  5. Yeah man not much you can do besides getting a pocket vaporizer or just blazing somewhere else? haha
  6. grow a pair and forget about the eyes or move out
  7. Don't smoke everyday?...
  8. Jamaican hotbox?
  9. Put dryer sheets in a paper towel roll tube.

    Exhale all smoke through it.

    Be sure to spray febreze when done also.
  10. Idk that dryer sheet thing isnt the best...its not like its getting rid of the smoke, its still there and will still smell....Find a place somewhere and smoke in your car
  11. nah, actually, sploofs work pretty well when made like that
  12. Go in your backyard and smoke. Before you go in, spray yourself with some cologne or something and put some Clear Eyes in. Should be good to go.
  13. So waiit ways a sploof?
  14. Avoid them like the plague, if they catch you...Feign ignorance.:cool:

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