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Smoking everyday....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xsubxwooferx, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Well I am almost job..full time college..but get home around 12pm...and form then till night its boring so I smoke...Is it bad smoking everyday? Been doing it for over month now.
  2. Other then the fact that your tolerance will shoot up really fast its not too bad. Just don't do it before going to sleep.
  3. Well I wanna quit for just a day lol but theirs something thats making me addicted to it.
  4. Or maybe you THINK theres something addicting you..
  5. Or maybe you THINK you THINK theres something addicting you..
  6. You are able to, therefore you want to.
  7. Way I figure is..If start smoking everyday now...then by 12/12/2012 I will prob forget about what was suppose to happen.
  8. Or maybe you THINK you THINK that you THOUGHT theres something addicting you..
  9. i live in a site town, i smoke every afternoon when i get off work, then wathcing tv, prolly 4 bowls a day for the last 2 yrs.
  10. When I've got weed I want to smoke it. I don't see a problem with that. It's not an addiction it's just something that you really like to do, and to stop doing it feels crap because you really miss it.
  11. I smoke a lot but I spread my weed out so I don't blast through it so fast. I hate running out, oh and you will one day. One day when you are grown up and on your own, working like a dog, you'll look back when you were 20 and wish you had some of the stuff you waisted back in the day! All I can say is enjoy it . . . and when you are super, super, super stoned, hide some weed so you can find it in you time of need!
  12. Yeah but what about health problems?
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    Im a daily toker as well :smoking:

    Just make sure weed revolves around your life and your life doesnt start to revolve around weed.

    Also, dont be worried about addiction, I smoked for a year and stopped for a a couple weeks with almost no signs of withdrawal except for being slightly grumpier. Im also predisposed genetically to addiction problems (alcoholics and smokers in my family).

    EDIT: There arent really a whole lot of health problems with smoking cannabis. There has never been a documented lung cancer case due solely to Marijuana. However, just as with smoking anything, you will have phlegm buildup and more congestion (this is the body's natural way to accomodate smoke and will happen regardless of what you smoke).

    Also the amount of smoke a cannabis user takes in is no where near the amount that a cigarette smoker takes in. Most people who wind up with lung cancer smoke a pack (20 cigs) a day over a long period of time whereas a daily toker usually doesnt smoke 20 joints in a day.

    Tobacco also causes cancer regardless of whether it is smoked. Chewing tobacco will cause cancer of the mouth. Again, there is not evidence of lung cancer with smoking Marijuana.

  14. when i smoked everyday i could still get ripped off of a fairly small amount. expecially if its dank weed, im only 160lbs though.

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with toking everyday as long as your a productive stoner. smoke a bowl and go job hunting bro.

    edit: also your veiws on weed are kindof old. spend more time on Gc and youl realise theres very successful everyday tokers.
  15. ive been smoking every day for 6 months and the only thing i ever had was a cough for a week cuz i was sick...

    so none?
  16. I smoke almost all day, everyday. You'll be fine. I work full time, have my own place, and a great life. Weed won't wreck you, just don't let it an excuse for not getting things done. "Oh, I didn't *anything*. I was just really stoned." <--- Not going to hold up for shit. If you can't smoke and handle your stuff then maybe you shouldn't be smoking, you know?

    Enjoy toking your afternoons away, just be sure to do your homework too! :-D
  17. Big giant thumbs up, sir.

  18. i love smoking and getting shit done but idk if everyone is like that. i mean there are even productive alcoholics that get shit done (way less than productive weed smokers but u get the point). a handful of people i know just cant seem to do shit but i can go to school baked and get 3.0+
  19. I've smoked everyday for several years... I've found...

    - It can make you lazy as hell, lose focus, or temporarily obsessed/focused hehe.
    - Schwag buzz is shitty and I don't bother, makes me depressed after a while.
    - I prefer sociable, functioning strains over ones that make you feel dumb/speechless.
    - Its addictive but I force myself to quit when a drug test is on the horizon.
    - I've passed dozens of piss tests, one hair test. I have procedures for them.

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