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Smoking everyday

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by PeacefulStoner, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Do you smoke everyday? Or almost everyday? Any negative effects you've noticed? :wave:
  2. I smoke every day and have noticed that i get much more irritable when i don't have it. Also, dreams basically stop besides a few here and there because it messes with REM sleep a bit. Neyond that no, its nice to be able to keep a good buzz through the day, however tolerance is an issue :(
  3. I smoke almost everyday still but i try to make sure i spent most of the day not high to make it special otherwise its like you just smoke to feel normal.
  4. Me and my group of friends go to an alternative style trade school. We just learn like basic mechanics and stuff like that. This is what me and at lease 5 other guys do every weekday. Wake up around 8-830 go to my buddy's house and have a before school session. Go to class till 11 15 go back to my buddy's house toke up again. Back to school till 2 then back to my buddy's house where we smoke and chill for the rest of the day. Ive been doing this for a good 4 months and the only bad thing i have noticed is a weed bag that goes empty faster than you would expect.
  5. if i have weed then yea for the most part. no negitive health effects for me really, sometimes i feel like my highs are boring and lame if i smoke to much though

  6. I would agree with your highs getting a little dull if you smoke alot. Usually a day long T break dose the trick for me.
  7. I smoke everyday and I'm noticing I can get a little irritable when I haven't smoked yet.
  8. Smoke everyday. If i have to do readings for classes I smoke after cause i read a lil slower when im high. Other than that ill take a t-break for about 3-5 days every couple of months. Not a real t-break but it makes me appreciate being high again =)
  9. Vape every night. When I smoked, I noticed breathing seemed more difficult during physical activity. Vaping, that's not an issue.

    I rarely remember dreams. I didn't remember them frequently before, but going to bed stoned seems to make dream recall far worse.

    I often wake up pretty groggy. But some fresh orange juice, a good breakfast, and a cup of coffee cures that very nicely. :)

    What else... it's expensive. So it has a negative effect on my bank account.

    Aaand, it's illegal where I live and I am not a medical patient. So, I have to keep it a secret to most people and definitely my employer. Keeping secrets can cause stress. Stress can lead to cancer, so... there's that. :p
  10. Yeah I forgot this. Had to step up my work out and now I don't even notice it. Would probably be in even better shape if I didn't smoke though.

    I hardly ever remember my dreams either.
  11. well i blaze like 5 times a day and unless i vape at least 4 out of 5 i end up burnt out as fuck
  12. Once you begin to take a step back from daily toking, you're going to feel more refreshed and alert, your highs will get better and smoking will have that slightly exciting novelty about it, I decided when I stopped appreciating every bowl of dank I spark, it's time to slow down.
  13. Been smoking daily since I was about 16 actually. Got a nice job early on so I could support about a quarter a week. 19 now, still smoking about an eight a week. I can count the number of breaks I have taken on one hand actually lol. I am terrible at t breaks because I have terrible insomnia.

    The drawbacks I have noticed, no dreams (but when I do have them now, I have noticed they seem to have more meaning). To put it in perspective on how little you may dream, the last time I remember dreaming was when I was moving and had to stop toking for a day. I was dreaming about a girl that I had a small thing for, and after I woke up from that dream I knew for a fact I would get with her. Then I realized I was in a hotel and was in the midst of moving across states...

    Ps: that dream happened at the beginning of August
  14. I have smoked like 360 days out of the last year, and as far as side effects go I have realized that I have trouble sleeping if im not high(I can still fall asleep without it, it just takes like an extra hour to fall asleep). Other than that there i nothing else popping out at me right now, im sure there are some other really minor things though.
  15. Pretty much the same with me. I get a little irratble but nothing crazy. Starting Thursday though i'm taking a tbreak for a week until my birthday :) But I think after that i'm gonna either try to smoke every other week. I feel like i've become too dependent on it and I don't want that. Anyone else feel the same?
  16. I smoke every single day. negative effects just include having to parry the anxiety that comes with smoking that much weed consistantly. but once you get in the right mind set i dont think there is anything negative that comes from smoking weed all the time other than knowledge and wisdom.

  17. I smoke weed everyday when I have it.
    I don't always have it because where I live there's no laws for medical marijuana and it's pretty hard to find a consistent dealer. Most of them gets arrested...
    As for negative effects, I can only think of tolerance.
  18. its been longer than a year since ive gone a day without smoking and the only bad thing is running out i sometimes worry for my teeth though
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    Do you brush? It's not nicotine man. If you brush your teeth regularly you should be straight.
  20. I used to smoke everyday for like the past five years. Recently Ive slowed down a lot due to various reasons. Now I just smoke like once a week, and Im loving it. I just got tired of only looking forward to getting high(for the most part), and Im broke as shit and in legal trouble. Ive realized that smoking every day isnt for me, atleast not at this point in my life.

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