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Smoking everyday to Not smoking at all? effects?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nokturna1, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. so yea has anyone done this and im sure some have and even for longer. but yea i went from smoking everyday about 3 times a day from my bubbler and two bongs to not smoking at all for 4 months.. when i smoke again which should be this month will my high feel like it did the 1st time?? or will i just get a mellow high? any help?:smoking:
  2. When people quit for a period of time they are called Tolerance Breaks.
    Since I have a weekly drug test, I would smoke a gram of weed every weekend (Lasts me about 2 days). Then I'd be clean for 5 days until my next pickup.

    So every week I would blaze the gram, it would feel around the same time I started smoking.

    Your body will eventually get used to the marijuana due to long term use, but a tolerance break will make the high oh-so better with little dedication.
    Whats also good, is that marijuana really has no withdrawal effects. :)
  3. oooh awesome awesome thanks alot for the reply hah awesome now i cant wait to smoke then lol and get that great feeling back :D
  4. yea bro i have been blazin' at least 2 times a day maybe 5.. for the last 5 years & recently have had no $ so i was outa luck..the only withdrawl i've had is sleeping problems. i fall asleep eventually without it but it takes a good 3 or4 hours of layin around before it happens.. as for restarted your tollerance will be low for the 1st few times but will shoot back up to where it was in a few chiefs so enjoy it!!

  5. oooh yea same here i just had some problems getting to sleep and stuff ...ooh damn cool cool yea ill chief it up again soon :D thanks

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