Smoking Ettiquette ? re: Carbon Filters & Passing

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  1. What is the public's opinion on this scenario. I use an activated carbon filter (like a McFinn's for example) on all my glass, everytime. Pretty much every guest that comes over prefers NOT to have it on and ends up taking it off.

    Here's my question/opinion. Isn't it good manners or respectful for them to reattach the carbon filter before handing the bong back to me, especially if we're sharing bowls?!?

    I hate it, because I won't notice until it's time to clear it and my lungs are hit with a much harsher smoke than they're used to. :mad:

    What sayeth the brethren?
  2. I just realized this may not be the best forum for this question, if a moderator wants to move it, that's cool with me.
  3. i can't see why they wouldn't want it on. i mean all its doing is making the smoke a lil smoother and it doesn't add drag. if I were you i would just tell them to try it with the filter and they will probably change their mind
  4. Tell them don't touch your carbon filter, or buy an acrylic piece for your buddies to use.
  5. Tell em if they wanna hit your tube then they gotta use the carbon or tell em to put it back on after they hit it or they can't hit it anymore .
  6. Tell them to use a pipe until they at least try the bong with a carbon filter.
  7. lol you guys are pretty harsh, but I'm digging the replies. Thanks! And trust me, I always tell them it's better, they're argument is when a little piece falls through the waffle holes on my slide and it burns on the carbon, creating a rancid tasting smoke. Which I hate too, but would rather take my chances.
  8. Just smoke-down to their methods and techniques. It always kills the vibe when someone starts trying to make everyone smoke a certain way.

    It's good to have a "simple" bong you can use with you friends that doesn't take any explanation or direction.
  9. sometimes you just need a simple piece for simpletons...
  10. My carbon filter is there to keep my bong clean. If u use my bong u better keep my filter on. I dont care if u dont like the way it hits, if u dont like it, dont use it, simple as that.
  11. you guys are dicks to friends lol
  12. I would buy a shitty separate bong for you and your friends to use when they are over.
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    i too would be slightly annoyed if my friends started removing my carbon filter which keeps my pieces squeaky clean. If they cannot understand the benefits of a carbon filter then i doubt they deserve to smoke the head stash.

    As far as smoking etiquette they should not mess with your glass during a session that you are hosting....if they are packing it up then that's a different story.

  14. People in San diego don't corner and share bowls. We smoke snappers! Tell them you use the filter to keep the piece cleaner and they're defeating the purpose by taking it off
  15. Lol, if someone trys to smoke flower out of the oil rig they get slapped.

    Not literally, verbally. Regulate on anyone smoking out of YOUR shit, why? Because it's yours.
  16. Tell them to put it back on, or pay attention yourself. I hate hitting those, it detracts from the taste a lot in my opinion =[. So I understand them at least.

  17. people in harford county maryland do the same, cas we know what were doing too lol.
  18. That's what I thought too, but one of my neighbors passes, so I oblige that style when with him, except for when I specifically tell him "this is a personal for you."

    Then again I've been accused of packing big bowls, so... ?:eek:
  19. just pack the light weights smaller snaps lol

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