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Smoking Etiquette

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kushistofkush, May 10, 2011.

  1. I believe every smoke circle has there own "etiquette", mannerisms, rules, etc. For example; ash then pass, rollers rights, calling neighbor. There are many rules out there what are some your group shares?

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  2. Pass the duchie to the left hand side!
  3. Corner the bowl. If you torch it you better be prepared to get slapped in the head.
  4. calling neighbor?

    wtf is that?

    why so many rules to smoking weed?

    why is this in seasoned tokers?

    many questions...
  5. All smoking etiquette I know I learned in kindergarten:

    If you're going to bring a treat to class, bring enough for everyone.
    And always take turns. :smoke:
  6. share, don't drop/spill

    Other than that I don't have many rules lol. Lot of times we aren't really even taking turns, the bong is just on the table with some weed and whoever wants to smoke just packs themselves a snap.
  7. I agree brother. This is the kind of stuff kids think up. Grown ups are just polite and smoke the herb without the need for silly rules.
  8. neighbor!
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    pompous ass

    Name-calling is against the rules and not tolerated here. -redhat11
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    It's not rules its an etiquette its a way to be polite while smoking... Just things you do to better your smoking environment
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    If someone is sharing their weed, I smoke it. If they ask me to do something specific, I listen. Why? It's their weed. They're being kind with their kind bud. I might as well, at the very least, accommodate them since they've done the same for me. Ex: Guy pulls out a blunt. Tells me 1 puff pass. I don't sit there and bogart the shit, I puff, I pass. Same works in reverse.
  12. He is saying that those that are generally polite in life don't need to have silly rules to make themselves seem like connoisseurs when in a group setting.

    edit: If there were any rules when smoking with me, especially if it's my shit, feel free to take hits, but don't hog the bowl, and don't tell me how much to smoke.

  13. nah man this is definitely a seasoned tokers in my opinion. it's just about seeing how other people go about their herb and how they treat it around others. there's nothing childish about that.

    on an even lighter note, roller's respect. always. if you roll it, you deserve that third hit on the first (one to get a good light then two for your turn). also, if someone is driving the passenger always has to hand the driver the blunt or joint. there is no need for the driver to reach behind and risk crashing.

    here's a big one. the person who's connection it is gets the best deals. say you are buying an eighth for you and a couple of friends. eighth for $50. someone who wants a dub will pay $20, another person who wants a dub will also pay $20. you, the connector, pays 10 for 1.5 grams. connectors advantage.
  14. That was my point. It's called being polite and the same rules apply to all activities in life. There's no need for special 'circle' rules.

  15. i have to disagree with you on this one. my dad who gets together with his friends to put down a few brews has rules to his circle. i experience it once in a while. they are all 60 and i guess they're childish because they have rules/etiquette?
  16. I live in a condo so we smoke on a balcony. Pretty chill have chairs there and all. Pl
    Pass it to the left.
    First time you drop it off the building go get it.
    Second time you drop it, we drop you. (more of a joke we say to eachother lol)

    Dam feels like I have been writing this for an hour.

    My fiancée cousin always puke when she smokes. I told her to drink im sure it's due to dry mouth.... She's a newbie and she's been keeping up with my dank. She's like my apprentice lol. Anyhow sorry offtrack so baked. So last rule is that if you puke, you gotta Knuckle toke it from now.
  17. Smoking weed is a lot like going to dinner at someone's house, don't make a mess, dont spill shit, and let the host eat first.

    aka: manners
  18. I'm surprised at the backlash, I've been a nerd about the etiquette of it all since I started smoking regularly. There's the universal stuff, like puff puff pass, light the bowl from the edge, don't let a bowl smolder, etc. Then there's less common stuff, like if you're next to the person using the hempwick, blow it out for them so they don't have to wave around flaming wick trying to put it out while they rip the bong.

    When people forget the simple stuff, like sit and tell a damn story while they hold a still-burning bowl, it peeves me. That's why we have rules, dammit!
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    Im just asking about smoke circles for their view on smoking and I can compare with mine its not a big deal
  20. this exact thread has already been posted.... Doesn't anyone use the search?

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