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smoking etiquette

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by schlagee, Jan 24, 2001.

  1. You go to a friends house and lay some of your stash on the table (to be smoked throughout the course of your visit), You are getting ready to leave, but some of your smoke is still on the table, ( a couple of bowls worth), is it rude to take it with you when you go?? Now, keep in mind this is not a substancial amount that you would obviously take, this is just a couple bowls worth.
    Feedback would be appreciated!
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  2. I for one would most likely leave it and say, "Have fun" (if I was already stoned) but if I wasn't....

    I would offer to smoke it up with them, the best of both worlds.


    ~ soulzero/grimpriest
    ;acid in your veins;
  3. I'd take it with me. But I have been told I am a weed meiser sometimes. [​IMG] That would not be rude by any means. Especially if you were the only loading bowls.

    Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!
  4. your weed, take it.

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  5. I tried responding to this thread during the time that my isp was taking the big one on me.
    In my opinion, if you have a hard time taking your weed when you're leaving, either pack the bowls from your bag (so you have the rest with you already), or don't put down that much.
    If it were I, I'd be packing from my bag. But if they were good enough friends to be able to throw some down, then I'd probably just leave it there (after smoking as much as I wanted).

    This feels like dear Abby! lol

    Peace [​IMG]
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  6. Hey, if it's yours, do whatcha like.. [​IMG]

    Music: Live it. Love it. Don't ever stop listening. [​IMG]
  7. If you bought it, you should take it.
    Its what me and my friends do all the time.
    I buy the weed, then they buy food and entertainment.
    Its a trade off in my opion.
  8. IMHO......What u put on the table gets smoked...Keep ur "personal stash" in ur pocket or at home.( i dont mean be "sneaky", that is ur right and a "smart" decision) This will solve the problem. The added benefits to u... it give u a good reputation amongst friends and fellow tokers (no weed meiser as deejay said)...and still leave u a toke for later.
  9. High everyone :D

    I guess I am just plain to soft hearted..I have shorted myself to get someone loaded..I know it is not the brightest thinkin, but I always hope that it will come back to me when I need it most..I was raised with the good old handshake an trust..would never pick up what I put on table.Just the way I am.. :rolleyes:
  10. I agree that since it is your pot then you should either take what's left with you or smoke it up before you leave.
  11. The way I see it, if you place a bag on the table, and there's still some left, smoke it. Otherwise, if you're not sure about how much is going to be left over after the session, pack it from your bag. One thing I learned in college was to not let your poor, fiending buddies see how much you have left. It will be gone before you know it.

    Now, I'm not a weed miser. I like to smoke a healthy amount, almost every night, but if I'm poor, then my money has got to last quite some time.
  12. As the others said it's yours do what you want and it would not be rude not matter what you do but I would say to have fun as soulzero said.If I needed the tokes for later because that all I had I would put it back in the bag and leave :D KodaJake has the smart way of doing it...
  13. if it was me id take it its my weed my money that bought it and im not wastin it{Id prob just smoke all of it with that person right there anyway}
  14. Foolish question.Never ever leave weed out on your table or anyone elses.Suppose the man busts the door down.Whose dope is it then?Keep your stash stashed!
  15. Well, the threat of the police bursting through the door is reason enough not to leave out the stash (or even the unannounced arrival of Granny).

    But, just to point this out, if you had all of your stash out on the table, and none in your pocket, then they would have a harder time proving that it was yours. If it is in your pocket, then they have more of a reason to believe it's yours (although, technically they'd have to prove that too if you didn't admit it).

    If they're busting down the door, chances are that you're going to be on the floor soon. Whether it's in your pocket or on the table, it's going to be found.

    But...... in an ideal world, it will not be illegal in the first place (and, in theory, you could offer to smoke one with a cop... wouldn't that be weird?)
  16. Since it is not an ideal world we must remember that this shit is very illegal and everyone in the house could go to jail just because your stash was out.Your point seems to be spreading the blame for your foolishness is the price your friends pay for smoking with you and I,m sure that is not what you intended.If we all practice responsible smoking etiquitte fewer of us would end up in jail.
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  17. :D It depends on where you are at and who you are with. If i have a lot of weed and they are good friends I leave it. If I don't have much or if it is people who are not known to reciprocate then i take it.
  18. Taugh to answer, I've always been the type of person to give and give, but personally I would take it, I smoke my friends up more times then they have me so.... All is fair, my poe, I go....but if they ask for a bit to smoke later, I will defenitly share it...Can't leave a fellow chronic hanging after all....

  19. I would take it. I paid for it..
  20. Whenever i go out with friends i only bring as much as im eilling to loose. So as long as it wasnt over like 1.5gs left id let em keep it.

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