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smoking economically, how to smoke the green and still save some

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. i want to compile a user created guide on how to smoke frugally and still get fucked up.
    we all know that smoking is expensive and needs to be regulated... most smokers tend to get low on cash and start dealing and growing.... aside from those 2 what are ways to still get high but save money?
  2. saving stems seeds and clippings to make hash with! (QWISO!)
  3. using a grinder... with a screen, you get the kief from your bud, less resin, and the resin that there is, is all collected on the screen so its easier to smoke when ur dry!
  4. vape pls
  5. packing snaps... just eneough weed in your bong bowl to milk the bong and fill it then clear it.... hold the hit for 15 seconds
  6. pack snaps, own a piece you can scrape for resin with easily (preferably a bongs downstem and bowl), learn how to grow, only smoke when you really need it.
  7. extinguish the bowl after each hit... dont let it burn needlessly (NO BLUNTS NO JOINTS, DONT JUST SIT THERE HOLDING THE BOWL TELLING A FUCKING STORY)
  8. smoke on your own if you really need to save that much bud, and buy a vape.
  9. No more than 3 seconds is needed for your aveoli to intake almost all the THC in your lungs. Anything more than that is just oxygen deprivation to your brain which gives you that "head rush" but it's not the weed.
  10. Corner bowls, and have good ediquite and people are more likely to get you back when you run out.
  11. save your roaches if you smoke blunts or joints... they are very very potent...
  12. Vape, Vape and more Vape. My Volcano has saved me $500+ every month during heavy months.

    Can't vape? Avoid smoking in any way that allows smoke to go anywhere but your lungs. Single packs from bowls and gravity bongs work best. Use as little flame as possible to not burn THC.
  13. IMO the best way to conserve your weed and still get baked as hell is to get an extremely small pipe (< 2" long). I say this because there's no water to filter out any THC, and there's very little space for the smoke to traverse before it hits your lungs meaning we get less chronic wasted on resining up the pipe. The shorter distance also makes it harsher meaning you'll cough more, and that will restrict the oxygen to your brain thus making you feel higher. Also, unlike with a joint there's no cherry to burn away while you cough your lungs out.

    No clue if that's scientifically sound or whatnot, but it seems ok.
  14. Limit your smoking by 50%
  15. one hitter pipes
    and if you dont want to buy anything, make a waterfall
    you only need a little bit of weed and still get fucked up
    you can also make them out of certain glass bottles like sobe and bawls to avoid using plastic. probably the most effecient homemade smoking device..

    example of sobe waterfall:
  16. start growing
  17. poppers. take a billy piece and unscrew the bowl so its just a metal shaft. Cut off a piece of a cigarette (about 1 cm) and jam it into the shaft. Then bust up your chronic and "stamp" the shaft onto the chron so it goes on top of the cigarette. Put the piece into a bong (or water bottle if ur ghetto) and pull it through in one hit (or else ur a bitch). Trust me u will be fucked and have a crazy headrush for a couple minutes.
  18. ur right man

    the smallest pipe ive ever had got me the most high

    if i wanna conserve weed i use small pipes

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