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Smoking during winter & weed scent.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by praisedkatt, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I need some advice. two aspects of my toking life have changed in the last year.

    1. I have recently moved in with roomates that are not smokers and may have a problem with the scent lingering in the house. I rarely ever had a problem with needing to hide the scent before.

    2. I recently moved to an area that experiences winter and so leaving windows open is not really desirable.

    My question is how do i smoke without the scent stanking up the house, even a little. I read many guides on covering scents using sploof and fans by the window and stuff but they all involve leaving a window open which will not be an option in the winter since everyone will notice the hallway is freezing and i get cold very easily. I don't mind blowing the smoke out the window and then closing it, but leaving it open won't cut it.

    I currently just go on the back porch when my roomates are sleeping but when it gets cold and the porch ices over i prob won't be able to do that. I am considering buying a volcano vaporizer but have read on this site that it leaves a scent that will go away if u blow it out the window and leave it open for a while. can anyone help???
  2. I have an idea for you. Go buy a small fan, such as this and a card board tube with a diameter of the fans body. ( you know what I mean I hope) and then make a wooden cutout or thick cardboard, and put the end through your window. Then, sit by your fan/card board tube machine, and just keep your pipe next to the fan while it smolders, and blow into the fan. There you go. I doubt it will smell much after that, but it would probably also send your heat away too.


    just get high and be creative lol
  3. Here's a foolproof method:

    First, grab something pink, it doesn't matter what it is just grab something pink. Okay, do you have something that is pink? Good, next step, go outside.
  4. If you are thinking about getting a volcano, by all means go out and purchase one. There will be minimal to zero smell when using a vape. One thing though, the bag may make some noise when you are filling it up with vapor.

    So if your roomates care about the smell only and not weed in general get a volcano. But other vaporizer choices would be a Silver Surfer Vaporizer (No noise at all but the slight inhale sound, I own one and LOVE it ZERO smell at all from vapors) Magic FLight Launch Box, Havent used one of these but i doubt there is any noise.

    Vape is the way to go for indoor discreet smoking period. Plus it will save you weed and get you blasted beyond belief. Good luck! :smoke:
  5. You won't be able to go out on the porch when it's cold?? Buy some warm clothes and respect your roomates. I always enjoyed smoking out in the cold weather. It's kind of exhilarating and the buzz hits you in the face like a ton of bricks when you go back inside.
  6. try using an insent
  7. Ok appreciate it.

    the noise is fine, but I've read in other post that vapes do give off a smell but once u open the window and use fabreeze/ozium u should be fine. My question is how long do i need to keep the window open and will the scent linger if i don't leave it open but blow out the window and then close after each hit?

    I'm not used to cold climates, and i can easily see it being very uncomfortable being out in the cold smoking, which is why i wanna leave that as a last resort.

    what's that???
  8. Get an electric space heater that plugs into the wall to combat the cold that comes in. I have the same problem, OP. That's my way out.

    I just turn on the space heater and place it by the open window, then I puff puff puff right next to a toasty little heater.
  9. get a window fan. It goes in your window like an AC. Make sure to get one with two directional fans so you can set it to suck the air out of your room. The smoke will go right out and it shouldnt make the house cold.
  10. Well smoking outside wont kill you. Its time to adjust to the cold climate and thicken your blood up. I live in a cold climate and its been -30 wind chill and i blaze with my neighbors.

    If its that cold buy a vaporizer, drive around the block real quick, make a sploof, stoners have to be very creative.

    If i was you, i have friends that dont smoke i just respect them and go outside. A vap will smell a little different, not the same as burning the weed. Febreze will get rid of the vap smell. I would try one out first. They are a different high, volcano is a very expensive investment.
  11. <LI class=product>Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer
    $99 and you are in. There will be a small amount of smell, easily taken care of.:wave:
  12. Some things I've done: layer up and go outside, go to the garage (at least it blocks the wind). Or I hot box the S10, I run it just long enough to get it warm. Your body heat should do the rest.

  13. please tell me u open the garage when u are running ur s10?
  14. You live in Marlyand, it doesn't get that cold. Buy yourself a heavy duty winter jacket and some sweatpants, go outside for 5 minutes to smoke, then move inside. You don't get that cold, at all.
  15. When I was living with my parents my bed was next to my window so I'd light a candle (so you don't hear the sound of a lighting being flicked, and it gives off a smell), use a sploof, and a small fan blowing towards the crack in the window. I think it worked really well, I never got caught and I could never smell anything. Or you could also take showers when your roomates are asleep. Turn the shower on really hot, light a candle, and use a sploof and either blow it towards the fan thing at the top or to a cracked window. Either way they should never relate it to marijuana. Also use a paper towel roll for your sploof and use a lot of dryer sheets.
  16. I personally love smoking in cold weather, the contrast of the cold outside and warm feeling inside makes me feel fuzzzzay :smoke: Then again I live in Florida so I don't see much cold weather :(

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