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Smoking during a thunderstorm

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hockeydan1092, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. So we are about to have a thunderstorm that's moving in to my city. Does anyone else like to smoke during a thunderstorm and just watch/listen to it?
  2. i like smoking in the middle of thunderstorms... its fun actually

    also fun is tug of war in the thunder/rain
  3. I fucking LOVE it. It's so relaxing, and seeing the white flashes of light is so trippy! :smoke:

  4. Yeah man. cuz you dont know if it's you or the clouds. LOL!
  5. It's relaxing as fuck
  6. Make sure its quiet though. Dank as fuck!
  7. It's great. The rain sounds cool and the thunder and lightning rock. Smoke inside, chill outside.
  8. How does the rain feel when you r high I just had a thunderstorm but no bud!!
  9. Blazing during a sweet thunderstorm is pretty sick, especially in a car on the highway. Did it a few days ago.
  10. I smoked in a gazebo during a hurricane :D
  11. Oh so relaxing.
  12. I love doing that. I live in new York, we get a decent amount of them and I love puffing a bowl & listening to it, watching out my window somtimes. I keep my windows opened atleast to hear it while I puff.
  13. Yes.

    I've never been so euphoric in my life - this feeling of divinity but a weird uplifting feeling of terror I've never been able to replicate.
  14. Everytime a big storm starts up I drop what im doing and go smoke a bowl and enjoy the storm. Used to live in the midwest where we would get some great heat lightning which is so awesome i would almost miss the superbowl for it...almost.
  15. #15 L1feG1ver, Aug 14, 2011
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    you must live somewhere in the usa, that storm just passed by me lmaoo
    edit my high ass :/ nvm just saw this was posted yesterday xD
  16. The storms just hitting me :O
  17. Same here, about to light it up!
  18. I love it.
  19. That would be a pretty relaxing scenario if you thought about it.
  20. reminds me of the good old highschool days where we'd all hop in our cars n drive to my friends house to blaze then when we'd get hungry we actually prefer to WALK in the rain to mcdonalds to get food, fun adventures .. WE SAW A MOTHERFUCKIN GHOST

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