Smoking Drink of Choice??

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  1. everybody has a favorite drink to sip on while they are reallly high.. my favorite is def citrus sobe.. all i drink anymore.. ive prolly put down hundreds and hundreds of these beauties.. any one else?
  2. Honestly i prefer cold water to combat the dehydration that comes with ingesting THC.

    But occasionally i like to drink a glass or two of hand squeezed orange juice.
    That shit will put you in another zone
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    This is my shit:

    My girl and I could murder a case of this stuff in a few days.
  4. a red bull and a bogey when i'm coming down :D
  5. i love orange juice but my friends mom always buys this Tampico juice that is bomb as hell. and green tea is always good.
  6. carrot juice with apples peaches and mango (polish) if u question it u dont know what ur missing
  7. Sprite
    Arizona Mucho Mango, Green Tea, Raspberry Ice Tea
    Tropicana OJ with pulp
  8. koolaid.
    i suggest getting 5 different flavours and putting them in different jugs at the same time,
    you feel like a mad scientist drinking different potions and shit. =) @.@
  9. sprite or gatorade
  10. Arizona Plum Tea

    In the glass bottle.

    allllllll day
  11. all arizona drinks. i have every single can on market :p
  12. Arizona green tea/iced tea for the win, i always have the cans of it around my house. Tastes great and quenches your thirst, what else can you ask for?

    If im out fo that good old 4C iced tea mix does the trick
  13. Tampico son. it glows, how could you not want to drink that?
    or orange soda, yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh.
  14. Jack Daniel's straight-up, room temp.
  15. [​IMG]

    No joke. This is the best stuff ever.
  16. I usually just drink water, but sometimes I'll get some grapefruit juice. Shit is delicious.
  17. dr pepper or arizona tea. oh and that blue drink they sell in milk cartoons in the "soda aisle" of every major grocery chain, the shit tastes great and makes good bong water.
  18. my lord i do enjoy black cherry koolaid

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