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Smoking dank Next week.. (few questions)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lostinmymind, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I will be smoking dank for the first time next week.

    Can anyone describe Dank high Vs. Reggie High?
    Does Dank weed makes you paranoid?
    Should i avoid driving or will i be ok driving home?
    Any tips?

    Only smoked crappy reggie weed about 5 times before. And that was 2 years ago.
  2. Get ready to feel the best ever u ever felt lol goodluck bro
  3. Well you should always avoid driving under the influence of anything, but if you must you can its not hard. Its not really a different high it just takes less to get higher and it taste better. and you have no tolerance you may want to take it slow in the start
  4. Gravity bong+Dank+First time in two years= fucking high as bawls
  5. Wear your seat belt, and always bring a towel.
  6. It shouldn't impaire your judgement so bad that it would cause you to drive out of line & make it noticeable to cops on the highway right?
  7. Your gonna be baked

  8. Nah it wont do that, its not like being drunk. The thing I notice most about people who smoke and drive is they stop at green lights and sometimes forget to keep their foot on the brake

  9. lol holy crap.
  10. Reminds me of the adage "A drunk runs a stop sign while a stoner waits for it to turn green."
  11. Take it slow, man. Don't go overboard and get so damn stoned that you aren't having a good time. Smoke small amounts and space them out. Let the high hit you before you continue blazing.
  12. Smoking weed (all day)
  13. damn the first time i had DANK was also the first time i had a full melt hash...what a crazy day i ended up driving a bunch of buddies a few miles up from malibu and chilled at these rock formations on the beach...sick ass rocks to climb,caves,secluded spot...everything a stoner needs
  14. when you smoke regs, you feel high after a while,
    but with dank, you take a hit and let it fill up your lungs and when you pull off the piece, you feel a buzz instantly

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