Smoking daily + work hours cut back + no steps toward future

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  1. Prepared to get smashed yourself afterwards kid.

  2. Calm down billy I'm 24 and my whole family knows I smoke lol so there's no need for spying..
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  3. Your 1 step away from one of the creeps that put webcams in toilets lmao
  4. I didn't have the mentality of "move out right at 18" --- this move was discussed nearly 1 year ago. He doesn't like this town and wants to move. He may not be thrilled about going to school but that's part of the agreement. Anyway I told him to at least give it a semester.. if he hates it he can come back. He won't know unless he tries.

    He took an exit exam halfway through his junior year in high school and never looked back. He has been working since then but roughly 20 hours per week -- mind you, no school.. just working so it's not like he has been overloaded. So yeah, I get students being tired of the routine and wanting a break. He does not exactly fall into this category. Besides, I'd have less of an issue with his "break" if he were helpful around the house and not off smoking pot everyday. It just seems that pot is what his life has been stemming around lately and this is not how I raised him.... to go off and be a stoner and not a contributing member of society. If it weren't for the last 2 months of this behavior I wouldn't want him to move (well, speaking selfishly anyway). In reality I want him to move so he can better himself and see the bigger world out there that he WON'T get staying here.
  5. Because you guys might be able to relate more than I can and help me to see a different perspective. Is that so bad? You aren't forced to respond...
  6. I would just say that you need to make sure there's nothing else going on before branding him a useless member of society. If he's already down it's just a kick in the teeth to have your own mother ashamed of you.
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  7. You're right. We are figuring that out. He just started seeing a counselor for his anxiety and hopefully if anything else is affecting him, therapy will help.

    I too recently started seeing one.
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  8. Lol, ok. That wouldn't help me check in on the dog or help protect my house much. I was considering adding an alarm system as well. Or wait....... is that creepy too?
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    Get him paying for "rent" secret college/ move out fund.

    Personally for pot it can be a deep rut for some. My self included smoking everyday can be a little repetitively toxic for one's self of mind, but with my childhood and social circle or lack of both it's just an easy thing to do.

    But for your kid idk. I was sheltered till Twenty then moved to my dads. And in those couple years being free ish I've learnt that being a parent is one of those learning things. Some come early and others well the topic of this thread. Also being a kid you don't really see the whole picture of life and what it takes.

    Not meaning to dis, but starting early is key for these things. Like the kid turns 18 wow kick him out cuase he knows how to live.... Well shit takes years to teach. and this economy well fuck life isn't as good as the other "men" that are proud and condescending about moving out at 18 as it used to be.

    Buds got it made. No nothing Sept for 20hrs of work a week.
  10. Interesting thread. Very informing point of views

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