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Smoking Consideration

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sporkflips, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Hi people. This is going to be kind of long, sorry ahead of time.
    I'm not sure if I'll qualify as a seasoned toker to some of you but I've been smoking about 5 years now so I figure I definitely am not a newbie. 
    Okay so I've been having some concerned like the past half year... About smoke. I've done, and continue to do, a lot of research on cannabis itself and the beneficial properties of both thc and cbd. There's a LOT of contradictory information. Some sources say that cbd can't even be smoked because it's present in the plant as cbd-acid and when it burns it becomes delta 9 thc. Not sure I really buy into that since most other information strongly suggests that you can smoke both thc and cbd. Unless the thc that comes from cbd-acid is slightly different or some shit? Oh well that's not my question.
    My real question is just... How many of you find that your lungs get irritated after smoking multiple times a day for a while? Like I definitely notice it more when all I can find is low quality bud but even if I get some really good stuff and only smoke small quantities (my habits are kind of weird compared to people I know. I smoke really small amounts at a time but a lot of times throughout the day so I don't really get geeked every time but I just stay high all day and it doesn't bring my tolerance up as much. I like this because I find that just being significantly high and not really stoned makes me most creative and I'm a musician) after a few days of smoking like 5 times a day or something my lungs/throat will start to feel irritated. I'm currently feeling this now. Mostly in my throat. It's almost like the feeling I get when I eat too much at one time and have gastroesophageal reflux problems where it feels like there's constantly phlegm in my throat but I can't clear it by coughing.
    Basically I'm just asking are there a lot of people who find that they seem to be less tolerant to smoke than the people around them? 
    I think part of this might be that I don't smoke cigs and most of the people I smoke with do. I know that tobacco has the opposite of weed's bronchial dilation effect so I figure that might make their lungs feel healthier even though they may actually be worse off. But I think that some of this must be that my body is just overly sensitive to the smoke, possibly because it's been 5 years now? 
    I never really noticed it until this past year... And it seems to be getting a lot worse.
    I recently took a few breaks (a couple months each) from smoking because this was getting so uncomfortable and I wanted to see if stopping for a while would make it go away but just a few days ago I smoked again after like a month and I started feeling it a lot faster. After like the second day of smoking and this time I only smoked like two or three times each day. 
    Because of this (and because the only weed I could get wasn't very good) I was paranoid that the weed I had might be moldy but I inspected it pretty closely and did a break/spore test and there weren't significant air born particles emitted when I broke it. Just like a tiny amount that could easily just be dust. So I'm pretty sure this weed isn't moldy. 
    I don't know. I really don't want to stop smoking because I get pretty severely depressed when I'm sober. Granted, I don't get depressed as often as when I smoke (just because I can't keep a supply up all the time due to income problems and so I get sort of depressed on come down days between smoking). But it's MUCH more severe when I'm sober. To the point where it's actually more of a problem than just feeling like shit. 
    More information: I usually smoke out of a pipe although for the middle two years of smoking I used a bubbler almost every time. now I use a pipe again. one of them is crazy full of resin and for some reason I can't get it completely clean, the other is fairly clean and is the one I usually use. I try to keep it pretty fresh. I'm 20, I don't have a job because I'm a piece of lazy shit and the society I live in is way too depressing for me to participate in, also I don't have a car so I don't really have many options. I don't really have income besides doing random chores for people/shoveling snow/yard work/etc. and my parents do not support my marijuana use.
    Because of these things, purchasing a quality vaporizer is not really an option and it's not really possible for me to make edibles all the time. I've tried making some basic vaporizer models. None of them really worked well enough to continue using. 
    I know this is probably sort of scattered and a lot of text but if anyone can give me any advice I'd appreciate it. 

  2. By my first year of toking I didn't really find myself coughing at all and still dont, and my lungs are good so far. Don't smoke tobacco  and walk a lot throughout the day/stay active. :bongin:
  3. Save up for a vape or try a lightbulb vape, they work if you have enough patience and practice.
  4. thanks for the replies. I guess I probably should get a lot more exercise than I do currently. which is almost nothing besides walking up and down stairs. I'll probably try getting a vape somehow again too I guess... might just stop smoking though. till I have a place to grow my own I mean. dunno anymore
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    I just convinced my friend to purchase an mflb, I myself own a pax. They are well worth the money. For your particular usage habits an mflb would more than suffice. It would probably be benificial to your problem because it sounds as if you could possibly be swallowing smoke. My second guess would be the actuall carcinogens in the smoke could be causing it (which a vape wcould eliminate) and well the least favorable of my guesses would be an allergy to mary that you have aquired over time.

    The only suggestion i really have for your depression is starting omega 3s and multivitamins as it may be a deficiency. Regular excercize will release endorphans and such that may also be pleasurable.

    Really though i wish you the best luck of finding out your problem. I guess you could take an edible and at least determine whether or not it was the actual act of smoking.
  6. I really can't see how weed wouldn't leave tar in your lungs, but whether or not it's cancer causing is debatable (although looking like not more every day).

    I smoke cigarettes so I can't really speak to congestion or whatever because my lungs are tainted so to speak, but any smoke will leave shit in your lungs/throat. I could see lack of energy and not doing anything because of being high all the time being more detrimental than the actual smoke though. If I ate what I wanted and didn't work out id probably look like shit.

    I do know for a fact it stains your teeth (especially if you smoke lots of joints), my mom says she can tell immediately what drugs people are doin just by looking at their teeth when they come into her office. Weed included, so it's not just meth addicts and such (although stoners just have stained teeth, not rotting decayed meth mouth)
  7. Vaporize i was against it, but i started more getting into it IMo is a way better high that doesnt get your body tired, and if you do cough its because of dry vapor, that dries hyour throat up. If you actually care about weed a vaporizer is the bestinvestment. It may not be as comfortable and easy to use as others methods, but it's all about the ergonomics once you get used ot it is best. Although you need to get used to the vape high. 
    Defintly a good purchase.

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