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Discussion in 'General' started by Lockout, May 19, 2013.

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  1. What would be the negative effects of smoking coffee be? Do you know anyone who's tried it? I'm finding it hard to get any information on this...
    Please don't reply unless you have an informed response. No simple accusations that I'm a retard. I just want to know the effects of smoking coffee (negative or otherwise).

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    I'd imagine you'd get a caffeine rush out of it  with a coffee taste, maybe more intense  since it may be absorbed in the lung faster than in the stomach.
    here's someone elses's experience

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    I like coffee so much I use an IV bag to drip it constantly into my bloodstream.  I even get the taste of coffee in my mouth and nose when the drip starts but it goes away after 4-6 hrs.  It saves coffee too, a pint lasts all day.  
    Best way ever to consume coffee, just don't use cream or milk in the coffee......I.V.Espresso and black all the way! 
    PS:  Please Children don't try this at home unless you've got a Doctor to administer the IV
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    If you smoke coffee grounds, you will get sick.
    You should know this. That's why people want to call you a retard because you posted this in general instead of dumb questions you are too afraid to ask.
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    quote:  "my pupils were dilated exactly as much as when I had dropped a Cap of E the week before"
    I thought we aren't allowed to discuss other Drugs on GC???  You'll get warning points from the Nanny, like I did last year for a comment like that.  Mine came from a reference to the effect of L*d as compared to a Sativa Strain of Marijuana.....NO NO NO!!!
  6. vape it, ill try it one day, i am a fan of coffee.
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    "Stupid Is as Stupid Does"
    Forrest Gump
  8. I feel like I've seen this exact thread before  :confused:
    I can't fathom a better accusation though. :cool:
  10. Ah, yes. Wanting to learn the health effects of smoking coffee is sooooo retarded. Seeking knowledge is a sign that you're brain isn't functioning correctly. I've asked nicely for people not to divert the thread from its topic. Since you've ignored this and gone off-topic, please get the fuck off my thread and don't come back unless you want to participate.
    By the way, I've never condoned smoking coffee. I've never tried it. I just asked a simple question out of curiosity. Stop jumping to conclusions and open your mind a bit, ok?
  11. You are correct. It was asked by someone else on GC but after reading that thread I am still no more knowledgeable as that thread got hijacked by a bunch of apes who preferred to insult the OP rather than have a proper discussion or offer any valid information.
  12. If I posted it on that thread I would probably only get 1 answer. I also don't consider it to be a stupid question so it would be off-topic on that thread.
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  14. why dont you just man up and try it instead of asking a bunch of people who are too smart to try it????
    theres a reason why nobody can give you an answer..
    I did participate, champ...It is a stupid question regardless of what you believe it is.  No, it is not prolific or life changing, tomorrow isn't going to change if it is answered, and fuck all will change a year from now if everyone knows the truth of what smoking coffee will do today.
    Ask smarter questions and people won't jump you for the stupid ones. :cool:
  16. I'm mainly interested in the possible long term effects of smoking coffee. There's a reason why nobody can give me an answer? It seems they're giving me lots of answers, just not answers to the questions that I'm actually ASKING.
  17. You didn't participate. I asked one question: what are the effects of smoking coffee. You refuse to give me an answer and prefer to insult me rather than tackle the topic. Get off my thread. You're not contributing to furthering the discussion and you're derailing any possibility of making progress.
  18. When the hell did I claim that it is? When did I claim it is going to change the world? Seriously, it's starting to seem as if you're trying to boost your post count to 10.000 or something as your post has barely any relevance to my question.
  19. Someone's mad they don't have weed
  20. Not more than usual when I make a thread. It seems like there's always some smartass who wants to derail my thread for the sake of making petty insults. Also this thread has nothing to do with substituting weed with coffee if that's what you're getting at.
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