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Smoking ciggerates while stoned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NowaPolska, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. To be honest Ive actually wanted to quit smoking cigs for a while now, but never really had a "good" attempt.

    My queston has anyone here every smoked a cig while high and kind of had a weird tingle feeling course through them when ever they took a drag. I used to get that for a while, but not any more. What causes it and how do I get the feeling back?
  2. Ive heard that smokin a CiG after toking enhances the high by 3 times but i dont really beleave it because it doesent for me...
  3. Aftertokes are fuckin great man. Nothing better than to chill for a smoke after a session. They don't triple the high for me, but they do make me feel it better.
  4. The old wive's tale I used to believe was that a cigarette after a blaze made you 16% higher, and a menthol cigarette 32%. I must have been way stoned to believe that B.S.

    I do love the taste of a good cigarette after a blaze though.

    I have quit cigarettes for 2 weeks or more several times.

    It's the Cigarette "mentality" that I find hardest to let go of.
  5. I've been trying to quit for oh... a year or so.

    Ciggarettes often make me feel sick, but they're addictive mother @#$%ers.
  6. when i first smoked cigs they got me alot higher after smokin bud....but just smokin a cig alone also gave me a buzz, if you dont smoke cigs at all and you just blaze after you smoke than yall itll defintally get you higher. If you smoke cigs on the norm though you proally aint gonna get higher, i allways smoke a cig after blazin though just cause its real relaxing to sit there and smoke a cig while your stoned.
  7. cigs just aint worth it... what they do really isnt that much of an improvement, and for what? to feel kinda shitty and with subconscious cravings that you never even realise are there until you are three months addicted, always needing another!? wtf is the point... you're all gonna get new lungs grown for you anyway. :p and wont that be a fun opperation! but hey, you'll be alive. you'll have a huge creasant scar from shoulderblade down to hip and back to the middle of your chest. but you'll be alive, and rid of you government taxed cancer tumours.

    so now that you all beat cancer and avoided death for another 20 years, i hope you enjoy getting emphisema... i imagine it must be fun playing with your own skin as if it were bubble wrap! :eek:
  9. What I've read is tobacco is a stimulant and marijuana has some depressany properties, even though it's not a depressant. The two drugs interact to give a differnt high feeling. It's kinda like when someone mixes cocaine and alcohol. Coke is the stimulant and alcohol is a depressant. I like to smoke cigars sometimes while stoned. Sometimes it seems to make me higher and other times it seems to have no effect. I don't want to smoke cigs b/c they're nasty and I don't want to be addicted to that shit.

  10. Yeah, but for those of us that are already hoplessly addicted it a nice little rush. Thats an ecellent point a bunch of you brought up about waiting a while to light a cig and then have one after gettting stonned. Ill try it when I buy my eighter.
  11. thats because it is your first smoke of the day and your body is adjusting to it then after that you feel relaxed that happens to me all the time

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