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Smoking cig/cigar after smoking herb?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TGreenFien, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I'm not much of a tobacco smoker, only time I really smoke it is when I smoke blunts, I don't have blunt weed though for that perfect tobacco/weed ratio I love and later tonight for new years to calm me down I wanna try smoking on a cigar after I get high. Most people talk about smoking cigs after getting high, I think cigs are way too dirty for me, but hows a cigar after a smoke session? I'll be smoking regardless of whatever answers I get but just wondering
  2. Not much of a cigar guy but if you don't smoke tobacco and have a cig after, you gunna get sick lol.
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  3. Bleh i hate tobacco after weed, the tobacco just kills my throat
  4. i don't usually smoke tobacco, quit like 4 years ago but smoked a large amount of blunts since then and before. just recently smoked a cig for the first time since quitting for pragmatic reasons.

    I like smoking tobacco, and liked cigs back then, but i feel adverse to it for health reasons.
    i do like to smoke backwoods with bud tho, for the tobacco leaf. when you lick after rolling you can get a small buzz.
  5. I love a nice cigar after I blaze. If u want something milder try a monte cristo. For something heavier and more robust, get a Romeo y Julietta or Punch.
  6. I sometimes smoke cigarillos if I'm bored and don't want to smoke anymore weed. Swishers and black stones usually.
  7. Thanks for the answers people, I ended up getting that blunt weed so it's not an issue now, got some good input though
  8. Sometimes it just feels to right to sit on my balcony and have a good smoke, smoking inside stinks and feels so stuffy, I'd rather feel that nice cold/cooled smoke.

    Really trying to quit though, started a new job and now the habit is worse, used to be a social smoker.

  9. Yeah real talk it is nice to be outdoors in the fresh air as much as I like smoking out a room, never been a tobacco smoker really besides blunts. Sometimes I think I might have a light blunt addiction, better than just smoking full out tobacco at least, could just be the stress getting to me though idk. I just like the level a blunt with the ratio of weed to tobacco puts me at, haven't been a social smoker for a while though, not that I don't mind sharing, just everybody has their own shit so never comes to it as much

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