Smoking Chalice

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  1. So today got really fuckin bored.. had nothing better to do so decided why the hell not and decided to male a smoking chalice hahaha what do you think.. ~~Vibes~~

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    It's made out of a coconut? Nice idea! Don't let it get moldy....
    1. <span>a cup for the wine of the Eucharist or Mass.</span>\t
    2. <span>the wine contained in it.</span>

    <span>2.</span><span>a drinking cup or goblet.</span>

    <span>3.</span><span>a cuplike blossom.</span>

  3. I think your camera has a little dirt on the lens
  4. Smoke a chalice in Buckingham Palace Get the queen highSend her to Wonderland like Alice!
  5. yea I fucked up my camera haha

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  6. if thats not a coconut bong with coconut water then that aint shit!

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