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Smoking causes acne?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rizenn, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if smoking marijuana actually had some effect to cause acne, i've had acne for quite awhile now and I dont drink alot of soda or eat alot of sugar foods. Is it possible that it can cause acne?

    Only thing I can think of that I do alot and constantly is smoke, so i'm just reviewing to see if its a possiblity, if so fuck it im still smoking xD
  2. Depends how your Smoking it, blunts and papers can cause it but herb helps acne
  3. Hmmm well i've been using a bowl\pipe. And was actually gonna start up to roll. So damn :(
  4. lol @ this thread
  5. Had acne before I started smoking, had acne when I was smoking. Wash your face before you go to bed, put a clean towel down on your pillow, start taking salmon oil, apparently the omega-3 is good for acne. That being said, none of those helped me, as my acne was genetic, and eventually it went away.
  6. Rub resin on your acne and it'll go away in 2-3 days its like hemp oil
  7. Don't hotbox or use a gas mask bong ; all smoke irritates skin
  8. hemp oil would probably actually help. I've got acne too but I could give a fuck less haha I still get bitches either way.
  9. [quote name='"ddoublevision"']Rub resin on your acne and it'll go away in 2-3 days its like hemp oil[/quote]

    New avatar ?

    Yea this'll work ..... Unles you got acne on your gooch
  10. The smoke itself is what irritates your acne, has nothing to do with the herb.
  11. [quote name='"CaliBudE"']

    New avatar ?

    Yea this'll work ..... Unles you got acne on your gooch[/quote]

    Yup :smoke:

    OP, just scrape your pipe for resin and then apply the resin to your acne. Leave it for 4-5 hours and then take it off and then smoke it and the THC will react with the acne and in a couple days it will go away
  12. Cannabis fights bacterial infections, it doesn't cause them :)

    Very rare allergic reactions aside, you'd be MUCH more likely to see a reduction in acne with a topical application for instance, than a flare up.

    Acne can be hormonal, viral, bacterial, there are roasaceal forms of acne and a variety of skin conditions and blemishes related to other conditions and diseases. Even if you think you're eating healthy, a simple nutritional deficiency can cause persistent acne.

    B-vits, zinc, vitamins A and C, these are all good for acne, but can be too low or virtually non-existent in many modern diets.

    If you're really concerned though, you're best off seeking the advice of a local experienced herbalist, or a licensed physician, rather than a forum of tokers. :D
  13. I used to have bad acne when i was 15-16 then i had very mild acne till i was like 20, but i no longer have any. You will grow out of it.
  14. Haha thank's, I should make some type of oil out of it but dunno how, i'll look it up
  15. This is a topic that's really up in the air, since they haven't really found any solid links that put the two directly together.

    I have a small amount of acne on my chin, so for the time being I'm just going to be using my iolite and see if it makes any difference. If you have really sensitive and fair skin like myself, maybe just avoid bongs or anything that makes the smoke come in contact directly with your skin and see if it makes a difference.

    Also, don't forgot to do the other obvious procedures (tons of water, eat leafy green vegetables, wash your face twice a day, avoid touching your face, etc...) Trust me, it all helps.

    And remember, there's nothing better than going to the experts.

  16. Bwahahahha you fuckin know someone did that when they read it lol
  17. You're tripping dude. and thats honestly the truth
  18. If u share bongs with people, you can swap mouth/chin sweat and that can cause acne
  19. smoking doesn't directly cause acne.
    I battled with acne most of my life and when i was in my teens it pretty much couldn't be helped but after a while I found that just keeping my face clean helped a bunch.
    Smoking weed only "caused" acne when id get super high and eat lots of chocolate/peanut butter/greasy foods. so imo food and general cleanliness can help prevent acne. but it probs differs from person to person.
  20. Acne is usually caused by bacteria getting into the pores of your skin, the white head you see are white blood cells eradicating the bacteria, so it is possible the smoke its self could have something to do with your acne but unlikely unless it was cigs, oily skin is more succeptible to acne also so you could try something that keeps your skin more dry, in high school I was on the swim team and the chlorine in the pool always kept me acne free.

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