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smoking cannabis makes me paranoid, will using a tincture be the same

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by johncoo6, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. I've learned a little bit about it but just wondering from any experiences. I can't smoke cause my lungs aren't good and it makes me anxious.
  2. Why is it that people are sucking into the peer pressure of weed? If it gives you a bad experience then by all means
    I have had bad experiences with other drugs, and i just say no to them. I walk away. I leave it alone.
    I am my own person. I do not like to catch myself sucking into peer pressure. Nobody should.
  3. Dude, OP is just asking a simple question. Pretty sure if he needs a lecture, he can hit his parents up.....and he didn't even say anything about peer pressure
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    But I am his parent. I am everyone's parent.
    Now then, that being said, the next time I bend over and smack the palm of my hand against the cheek of my ass and I ask you "who's your daddy?", I want you to have a gleem in your eye as you answer "you are OSS"  :laughing:
  5. ......i feel so violated :unsure:
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    buy a quality vaporizer for the purity of vapor with zero smoke and get a high cbd strain of cannabis to help calm you and not make you anxious. a tiny bit of thc is still needed along with the cbd to keep your endorphins happy and lifted but not so much thc that you have unbounded excess pinned up energy from it.
  7. Try a low dose edible or as previous poster mentioned get a quality vaporizer not a pen or anything under 100$. Spend some money and you will tha k yourself later when you are saving weed by vaping it.

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