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Smoking Cannabis a Week After Brain Surgery

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Devon917, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. I have a very good friend that recently had Brain Surgery. This surgery, from what I understand, was because her brain was too big for her head. Due to this, she has lived up until now with Constant Migraines and Pain. Prior to Surgery, she told me of the migrains and pain and I smoked her out. She claimed that the feel completely helped her pain until even the next morning. It is a week after surgery (Staples in skull.) and she is still habing constant migraines and severe pain. (Even more than before.) I really hate to see her like this, so I want her to smoke. Any thoughts?
  2. There is a study that shows that MJ smokers who suffered brain trauma had a lower death rate from that trauma than non-users. I personally had brain surgery, and used edibles soon after. No non-mj doc will approve of this.
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  3. sure, the only real problem would be coughing.... she cannot cough with ( staples in skull)... etc... if you can get a bio-activated cannabis oil try that instead... use a balance of thc/cbd and don't buy into the cbd only crap
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  4. Actually, I need to correct myself. I did ask my brain surgeon whether MJ was ok right after surgery, and he said yes.
    Edibles would eliminate the coughing risk.
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  5. Hey i had brain surgery also..more power to her..also if you are in legal state or have access to some, cannabis salve on the forehead and temples helps my friends with migraines

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  6. If you do may I suggest sticking to indicas or indica dominant hybrids. The sativas may contribute to migraines in some small way at times I believe. That my experience with it

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