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  1. yo i was just at the park with some friends and we smoked out of this gravity bong, i got a huge ass hit but barely and smoke came out and i was high off one hit. I had to ride my bike home it felt like i was goin like 100mph or some shit i got home my mom was like were the fuck were you at? and i was like i was riding my bike around the lake she had a flashlight in her hand and i was like oh shit i thought she was gonna check my pupils but luckily one of my homies had some roto eydrops or some shit like that i pinched those babys and in. So thats how i ended up on this mug. I got one more little piece of weed to smoke tonight i have to do it by myself becuase i don't have alot whats some fun stuff to do by yourself when your high? :smoke:
  2. I like watching my favorite TV shows, movies, listening to dubstep music, playing videogames, etc when I am high.
  3. Im a big fan of playing some whatever I some late night tv such as That 70s Show, South Park or whatever...if u have a pet it would be entertaining to play with it...basically anything
  4. lol, no one said fapping yet...
  5. Hahahahaha dude THIS made me lol so hard. It is folks like you who make GC great. :wave:
  6. Getting high by yourself is the best in my opionion. Do whatever you want..instead of electronical things go lay down, put head phones in, lay completely still, feel the high, and just think. Of course browse GC after :smoke:
  7. play your guitar :)
  8. Anything music related! I love messing around on bass or popping in some earbuds. Also taking walks with the buds in is pretty amazing, especially at night.
  9. modern warfare 2 on the ps3. Add my name if you have it lol. JustLoSd
  10. Chillin. Play Red Dead Redemption, make some good food, listen to great music.

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