Smoking By Yourself Or With Others?

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  1. Which do you prefer?
    Assuming you have weed of your own and don't need to go out and match people, do you stay in and smoke alone or do you enjoy the social atmosphere?
    I prefer alone but sometimes i get really fuckin lonely man.

  2. I usually smoke by myself. Its very therapeutic and I get into my zone.
    Having said that there are occasions, usually the weekends, when I just feel like having some company and laughing my ass off at ppl. I like to get ppl stoned off that Grade A :) But it sux cuz most of the ppl I smoke with say they get TOO HIGH off my supply. I'm like how is that even possible. :confused: so I end up smoking alone by the end of the night anyways.
  3. 9/10 times I'll smoke by myself.  Weed makes me quiet and introverted.  Being around people makes me exhausted and awkward.
  4. Exactly like me. People seem to give me bad vibes very easily most of the time and ruin my buzz so I prefer having a nice sesh alone, with the opportunity to reflect and think about certain things in an easier fashion. 
  5. Usually alone.
    I get paranoid after smoking and driving 30-45 mins to get home from the friends where i smoke isn't the most fun. 
  6. I rather smoke alone. Its great because you can do whatever you want and you don't need to feel obligated on doing something you don't want to do with a group. Sometimes, I usually just take a shower and toke and i feel refreshed ready to start the day.
  7. I usually smoke alone but i do like to smoke with the people im closest to. I don't like to smoke in big groups tho, one or two is all need or want after that, its hello akwardness, paranoia, and mild anxiety.
  8. This sums it up for me, I prefer to drink with others then smoke alone though.
  9. I prefer by myself. It's something I do to relax and chill and do what I want to do. 
  10. It all depends.
    If I dont got much to do, and I'm just gonna relax after working or school, than I probably will just smoke by myself. Its nice, relaxing, and I get pretty blazed.
    If I have a free day, or I'm going out, than I'll probably smoke with some friends. Everyone throw down on a blunt or a fat bowl and its all good. However you'll probably run into some moochers but it doesnt really matter.
  11. Usually by myself. I use a portable vape all day long at work and everything, so most of the time it is alone. But otherwise I'll chill with one or two really close friends and just play video games or something. Nothing is more fun than stocking up on food, getting high as a mother fucker, sitting in a dark ass basement with your best friend, and playing dark souls on a big flat screen.
  12. I smoke by myself more often, I reckon. If only because during the weekly grind, I only spark a toke before bedtime.
    But I like to fucking talk. A lot. I far prefer to smoke in a small group and just shoot the shit.
  13. I do half and half. Though lately I prefer being alone while smoking unless I'm in real good company. I don't like smoking in big groups.
  14. If i have just enough for me, then I smoke alone. But after I harvest, I practically give away jars to friends and family.
  15. Since spring semester ended I've been at my parents house, I usually smoke alone. This last year however I was pretty much only smoking with my roommate. It was both because I prefer to smoke with him and that it made sure I wasn't smoking all day everyday. The thing is I graduated highschool with my college roommate, so even during the summer I'll still usually hang out and bake with him if we're both free. Nothing like going over to his house, getting super baked, then floating around in the pool all day :)
  16. sometimes ill hit the bong alone or go to the lake or somewhere peaceful and smoke a joint but i always like smoking with my friends. sometimes its hard to get everyone together with work and what not but we'll toke together if we can.  nothin wrong with smoking alone tho im my opinion. :bongin:
  17. I'm half and half. It's all about a good balance in my opinion. :bongin:
  18. I like to socialize and smoke, but only with a small group. When a bunch of obnoxious people show up who I don't like, I bounce. I've been called anti social, but I think the real issue is that I'm the only one in my circle of friends who has bud on a regular basis, so if I'm gone, the weed is too.
    Lately, I've been enjoying smoking alone more and more. I don't feel as constricted by the wants of the collective, if you will. Plus, I prefer solitary pursuits when I'm high, such as reading or taking long walks through the forest.
  19. I probably will smoke alone around 420
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    today it'll be alone. It's pretty 50-50 on smoking alone and smoking with others

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