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Smoking by AC units

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BigTexFromArkansas, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Forgive me if the question I'm about to ask sounds stupid.

    I'm possibly gonna take a trip to my uncle's condo at a lakeside resort type place near Austin, and I'm planning on taking a joint or two with me to get a good buzz down there while enjoying their pool, hot tub, bar etc. Anyways, last time I was there I found a pretty chill spot to possibly blaze up at where no one could bother me, but the thing is, that spot has a shit ton of AC units for the condos. Is it a bad idea to smoke near them? I don't wanna get EVERYONE in the building high.

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  2. Smell may pass thru...
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  3. Like window units?

    Unless there is a failure inside conditioned air shouldn't be mixing with outside air,
  4. If you are referring to those split units (with the big unit outside) then no you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Those big units outside contain the condenser coils and compressor. There is only a transfer of refrigerant between those and the indoor unit, they don't actually draw in air from the outside.
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  5. You should be fine, I have one outside the house in my backyard, the fan on mine is blowing air up not sucking it in. And if what the previous person said is true about not mixing with outside air then it doesn't matter.

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