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  1. :smoking:Been puffin for 5 years, the site is really cool it's helped me with making devices and advice. I'm really good at making those ghetto home made bongs so I'll post some of my ideas. I just got a new piece today a sherlock for 60 pesos. I'm currently living in Mexico, my past is nothing for you guys to know about it's just :( so yeah. Keep smoking every boday. Peace love and green! :smoking:
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you fucked up somewhere and left the country? lol

    Either way, stay high bro.
  3. My father fucked up and pretty much ruined some good chances get what I'm saying man? Imma go smoke out. Late stay high bro 4:20 :smoking::wave:
  4. got deported?:confused:
  5. Yeah man, I understand. Peace. :bongin:
  6. :hello:

    Hey what up everyone lost internet for a couple of weeks how yall been oh yeah changed my name. Naw I didn't get deported I'll be back in Arizona very soon yeee haw. I still have a lot of bud left, I'm going to go smoke some now :smoking:.

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