Smoking Buddy is Just a Sorry Ass Loser, User, Abuser

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  1. Been smoking with this guy for about a year now. Thought he was pretty cool and all, and I thought we became pretty good friends. We'd hang together, smoke, and he even let me crash at his place on occassion. We'd hang almost every day for hours.

    It was all cool in the beginning...he'd hit me up and we'd go smoke. Eventually, he needed me to come up with money of course and began suggesting that I sell off some of my stuff I own to get money. That led to me stealing shit from others to get the money to pay the friend so we could smoke. Looking back it was stupid of me but I was hooked. Now that I've ran out of stuff to sell and have no money, the friend is conveniently unavailable.

    It just pisses me off. This fucking guy doesn't even have a job and never has money of his own. I've smoked him up and gave him gas money so many damn times and all he can do is mooch, do illegal things to get money, and have his laughs and fun at my expense.
  2. You made a mistake, move on. Never let your priorities get flipped upside down just for weed.
  3. thats called a douche and you should probably part ways,, its only a matter of time until he fucks you over and you take the blame for it.
  4. There is no reason for you to ever act like that.

    Just stop smoking.
  5. Consider this a lesson learned and evaluate yourself and grow from here man.
  6. You're the one stealing shit for weed man

  7. Thank you. Op is acting like it's all his friends fault, but he was the one selling his shit and pilfering.

    All he had to do was say no, let's just get jobs!
  8. ditch him, get a job, quit stealing and/or smoking if you feel the need to steal simply to smoke.
  9. Haha had a friend like this back when I lived in Cali, the only difference was I accepted it was kinda my fault and I also was addicted to oxycontin. Ruined a lot of friendships.
    I laugh at him now, still unemployed goin nowhere but I've turned around, sobered up and have a well paying job.
    Focus on making YOUR life better

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