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Smoking bud with mildew on it..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by G13, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. So I JUST now realized..... I think I got bud with mildew on it!! It's very sticky and smells somewhat like citrus. There are small patches where it has fuzz, like spiderweb material almost. I smoked about 3-4 grams this weekend in my Volcano... should I be worried? Is mildew the kind of thing I can "dry off" or maybe even just scrape off?

    It's like small patches of white fuzz in certain parts.. SHIT! I'm 90% sure this is mildew, because for less than $100/half O is a little cheap for those to be trichomes :(

    Thoughts anyone??
  2. Well, if it has Spider webbed looking growths its a type of mold not Trichs. You should not smoke it bro. If any thing Cook some thing with it. Check your Buds before ya Buy, you wont end up getting stuff like that. Also keep your stash in a air tight jar after you know it is all dried really well. To prevent growing any mold on Good Buds.
  3. So you saying I should just trash a half OZ?

    I should add that I grind it up *extremely* fine before I put it in my Volcano bowl. Maybe this helps, maybe this hurts, just thought I'd add it to get some better advice. Thanks, and keep it coming.
  4. Well it wont Kill you. It might cause some lung discomfort. I would not smoke moldy bud. Vap it or torch it, either way its not the best idea. If you still decide to Grind it up and go at it. Think about not smoking the Keif the grinder collects either. Your smashing the mold thru all the bud that way also. Better off picking the stuff off at least before ya grind or smoke.
  5. You said its in small patches. pick it off, you should still be able to salvage the nuggets
  6. Spider mites possibly.
  7. Fungi destroy more bud than bacteria and insects combined. Bacteria in marijuana may be more dangerous to humans, but they are rare. Molds are common, and can be nasty: A report concerning four policeman developing pulmonary histoplasmosis after pulling up a 5,000-square-meter plot of marijuana in Puerto Rico. Some fungi won't rot pot, but they will put you in the hospital.
    Inhaling mold could conceivable cause a chronic pulmonary infection... I would not smoke it..
  8. There was a recent post on this and someone had almost the same experiences..... I'd guess it's Spidermites.
  9. ya you might get a lung infection, thats the only thing i heard thatll do to you
  10. You can't dry it off or scrape it off.

    You can not smoke moldy bud. Period.

    You CAN EAT moldy bud if you cook with it.
  11. Damn, thats no good..... Fuck someone selling you some moldy herb.
  12. Eeewww. Moldy bud. Stay away from that shit man. You ain't gonna die but I'd smoke something else. Like other users here I saw a thread where some other user had cobweb type stringy material on their bud, turned out to be spider mites.
  13. I know what you're talking about. I didn't know what it was, smoked a bud with some on it, and I threw up. I don't know if it was because of the mildew or that was just some dank-ass outdoor grown shit, but yeah probably not worth the risk.
  14. My roommate was a dealer a couple years back and he picked up a shipment that was at first a little damp, and he ended up with a quarter unsold with little white spots of mold on it.

    I have read that smoking the mold can cause respiratory illness, but if you pick most of it off the amount you will be smoking should not be a problem. Just don't make it a long term thing to buy moldy bud ;)

    We left the bud around for a couple months, and in the desperation of one of the great dry spells of '05 we eventually picked off the mold and smoked what we could. It tasted a little funky, but if I wouldn't mind doing it again :smoke:

    Plus, I would think if you smoked it through the vaporizer you possibly avoided burning harmful toxins.
  15. I got some shit that was damp and turning a dark green color. I took it out and dried it and it became smokable again. So far I have been smoking it for 3 weeks now with no problem. I am not smoking it like crazy though just because I am scared but I have not had any problems with my lungs at all. so far.
  16. I think it was mildewed because it was not white at all.
  17. I wouldn't smoke it at all. It's mold spores. They don't burn away as you smoke it. Very bad for your lungs. Long term effects. You have been warned!

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  18. Don't do it. Think about your health please.
  19. Dont listen to him.THROW THAT SHIT AWAY MAN.
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