Smoking bubbler with matches question

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  1. So ive been to lazy to buy a lighter and have been smoking outa my double chamber bubbler with matches, so i let the match burn for a sec to get rid of the sulphur and i havent noticed the taste people complain about and i find that the bowl lights and stays lit way easier so i kinda like matches more but what are the health effects of using matches if you let it burn for a sec befor hitting it
  2. its fine dont worry about it.
  3. its better than smokin sulfur
  4. at that point its just the wood of the match. Its nothing to worry about.
  5. k thanks, also id like to know if anyone else thinks that they light bowls/joints/blunts way better
  6. kind of, not really very noticeable though, and the soft ones are a bitch to light when im high.:smoking:
  7. im assuming by soft ones you mean the little booklets if so heres how i do it
    i put the end of the math inbetween my thumb and index finger then put the finger beside my pinky on the head of the match and swipe it quickly and voila a lit match :hello:

    dunno if you can understand that lol
  8. can't complain about matches, i'll take some beeline over it any day but it is definetly a bigger hassle than a lighter, the taste is noticeable but take beeline and you wont regret it

  9. i would love to get some of that beeline but dunno where i could and cant order anyting off the internet
  10. just take more solar hits :wave:
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    i smoke about half a book of matches but only a few of them worked and i inhaled the sulper will i be okay

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