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Smoking Bubble Hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Chilltown, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. Well it's been a loonnnng ass time since I posted around here.
    I've just acquired some bubble hash and am curious about smoking it.
    My buddy told me to put a little bit if chron underneath of it when bowl smoking it, so that it doesn't bubble right through.
    It seems to catch fire, then after that it's a bitch to really get going.

    Any suggestions?
  2. i nver hread of bubble hash, i think i smoked finger hash before, but i was young and i might of just got ripped off...
  3. finger hash is just when you rub your fingers together after handeling the plants. then you get hash that way. bubble hash is hash made with using the bubble bags. so its just normal hash really.
  4. Why did you all post, if none of you had any suggestions?
  5. ^why did you? EDIT: haha, just realized you created this thread ;)

    smoke it either in a pipe/bong with a screen, or hot knife it, which seems to be the most popular/easiest way to smoke it. bubble hash is no different than any other kind of hash...
  6. Except for the way it smokes.....
  7. Try smoking it mixed with some bud. Break some small chunks off and mix it with the weed. Put that in a pipe or bong (or joint/blunt) and you should be able to smoke it alright.
  8. i would recommend u smoked the european way, that is break it (heat it if necessary) and roll a fat J mixed with tobacco or bud. you'd get more of the taste and smell with tobacco tho. enjoy it
  9. Yeah I just can't bring myself to mix tobacco and thc. Seems like such a crime. Unless we're talking about coating smokes with oil. bahahahha
  10. Yeah smokin it with well grinded resiny chron seems to work well. It's just a bitch when it catches on fire bahahahah

    Thanks for everything guys :D
  11. hey man toke toke
  12. Well, if the hash your smoking is bubbling up while you smoke it, that's some full melt hash. "Bubble hash" is just referring to the method used to make it which is bubble bags... all hash is good to me though. :wave:
  13. You made an account to make that post? Nice 1st. Bubble Hash actually bubbles when its lit, giving it its name. Its made with micron bags, ice, and water. No bubbling involved.

    Full melt wash is also high quality hash, but refers to the way it has a tenancy to melt down into a liquid and fall through a screen.
  14. Yea I would just pack it on top of bowls that way it just melts into the bud.
  15. anyone notice he bumped a 5 yr + old thread...
  16. I just had some of this stuff man, it's sooo bomb, I just put a screen in and put the little rock I had on top and ripped it clean: it offers some of the hugest rips I've ever takin in my life lol no joke!

    I sprinkled what I had left on a bowl with my bro today and he said he got real baked too, real good stuff man enjoy it:smoke:
  17. I have 4gs of bubble hash atm... But I usually blaze it with some hedies mixed in a bong or bowl pack....... It's very strong lol.
  18. Gotta say wet sift is some of my favorite.:D
  19. I flatten it into a disc and lay it on top of a screen/sticks/bud and then I hit the top of it with the flame for a second or so over and over while I pull. I don't have any problems with it catching fire and it smokes very nicely.
  20. wrong wrong and wrong.

    Straight hash is the hard rock dry packed hash, bubble is covered with oil (sugar leaves) so it bubbles and melts slightly but still on the inside burns (these tend to be higher thc %'s, I just purchased some Alien Kush Bubble with 49% thc, a sativa hash) and a full melt, like its name suggests, fully melts into oil form and obviously also bubbles, then hardens again, but you can reheat it to melt it again. Full Melts rang between 50-75% thc in the medical marijuana world. Bubbles range at about 35-50% thc. Basic, good high to top shelf bud is anywhere between 12-24% thc. (just a reference for those of you who arent medical patients). I know this because the place I go to tests all their concentrates n bud via a SteepHill testing lab. Ciao.

    -Bay Area, Cali Medical Patient.

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