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smoking bowl/bong with a zippo

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ghost360, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. So, i was wondering if smoking with a zippo is ok. ive heard it tastes like shit, but i saw that zipo came out with a new fluid and wondering if it tastes better of somthing.
  2. Not sure on whether it is bad for your health but I have pretty much used my zippo exclusively with my bong and always enjoyed my hits. Can't use it with my new Vapestar though :(
  3. ive always read savee the zippo for a joint and not the bowl
  4. I don't think it's really bad for your health, I just hate using them because they aren't mean to turn so they always go out on me.
  5. Zippo carries pipe lighter zippos....look the same but have a hole on the side of the chimney so it doesnt go out.
  6. Just get a butane lighter, or maybe some of that hemp wick stuff.
  7. I would highly recommend some beeline or another hemp wick. It makes lighting a bowl so easy while allowing you to fully taste the weed without some sort of gas overshadowing it.

  8. A regular wind proof Zippo shouldnt go out easily meaning you really have to try to blow it out. It was probably a bad wick or low fuel.
  9. Nah man I hate using zippos for a bong, only exception is if you're outside and it's too windy for a bic or whatever.

    Also really want to try beeline
  10. i hate smoking with zippos. its uncomfortable and the flame alwayys seems to be at an awkward angle and it does reach the bowl. Good for joints and blunts!
  11. Yeah I only use my zippo for joints/blunts/lighting hemp wick. I have a butane insert for it though that has the flame come out the side. It's designed for smoking pipes etc. It works really well but you need to open and close the lid each time you want to use it.

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