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smoking blunts in the winter sucks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Muffinzs, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. #1 Muffinzs, Dec 28, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2012
    Seriously i smoke alot of blunts so im shopping for extremely thin and warm gloves but non work :(

    whats the best scented cigar so i can smoke blunts inside?

    EDIT: I need gloves because its cold outside LOL, we can have a rolling contest i roll backwoods in seconds flat
  2. What do you mean? Just take your gloves off when you roll the blunt; it's not that hard.
  3. You can't roll it inside...?
  4. You're a pussy. Winter is good, and blunts are good so enjoy both at the same time you pansy. You could always smoke in your car?
  5. You could just switch to glass :)
  6. Or get a vap?

  7. lol no i need gloves because its cold as fuck
  8. smoke it!!
  9. one time my man Little Lou and I were at the strip club, he was gone off the exotic and shots of sweet potato liquor . . . shorty got up on the stage, and to show love a group of older women made it rain for him . . . . . strip club management let him keep about 200 in ones if he would just get off the stage . . .

  10. Does your place have like 3 walls or somethin? Lol. Turn some
    Heat up or somethin.
  11. Get yourself some nice warm gloves, and cut half way through the thumb and forefinger on one of them, so that they're still attached but can be folded back.
    That, or just get some fingerless gloves to wear under your big, thick ones. Take the big ones off when you're smoking, chuck them back on after.
  12. Smoking in the winter is awesome! Smoking blunts sucks.
  13. I used to love blunts in the winter, throw it in the microwave for like 4 seconds then put it in the freezer for like 3 minutes, it gets hard and sturdy. Frozen shaky hands cant even ruin it. I'm more of a spliff smoker myself though, blunts are too messy for everyday use.
  14. I can't imagine the fuckery of rolling a blunt with gloves on.
  15. Just use glass.
  16. I don't getttt.
  17. I found pre-rolling it always best in winter conditions, or just glass is so much easier.

    any novice roller should be able to roll a good jay/blunt in any condition though, just sayian
  18. Bro you cant fucking roll a blunt with gloves on..
    The dutch or swish whatever your rolling will get STALE in the cold outside and make it crusty, crumbly and your blunts will be likely more fucked up and taste horrible.

    Smoke em inside or on a summer day. Take a trip to the hood and see how they go about it.
  19. get a pair of leather gloves with a nice warm inside... although it will rip your backwood you maybe safe with a philly or a century

    And once the leather is cold there awesome for slapping people with...

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