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Smoking Blunt In My Room, How to Hide Smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bigmike1123, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Don'y smoke blunts in ur crib with your parents ESPECIALLY if your dad's a pig.... oh ma bad i mean a "narc" lol just take the weed out and make a simple water bottle bong.... smoke to your dome and feel relaxed at home
  2. smoking a blunt, in your room, while your dad (a cop) is home...is possible the WORST idea ive ever heard in my entire life. The smell will linger no matter what and you will get caught.

    Do yourself a favor, find an apple and a pen and make an apple pipe.
  3. Have a good time getting caught :)
  4. the only way to smoke a blunt in your room is to go to the inside of the closet, close off all cracks/vents in there, and then hotbox, making sure there is absolutely NO air circulation.

    how you get outta the closet? thats the hard part ;)
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    lol yep^^^^

    but seriously, do u wanna know how to take that blunt and make it unsmellable?

    first do this

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgOSdN1kjIE"]YouTube - How to make a Sploof[/ame]

    then, take that blunt

    set it on a flat surface

    get a hammer, three peices of tape, a tack, and a razor.

    ignore everything but the razor and cut that bitch open

    put the greens stuffs in a pipe or bong

    blaze that shit

    exhale through the sploof

    blunts are the worst concievable idea for stealth smoking short of sparking up and blowing smoke in ur dads face
  6. why don't you just fucking eat it
  7. ur dad is a narc. there is no way you will get away with this.

  8. You won the thread.
  9. dont ever smoke a blunt in your room, thats the worst way to smoke if your trying to blaze undetected. thats going to stink up your whole house even with a sploof. dont risk it man, go for a walk, smoke the blunt and spray yourself with axe. if my dad was a narcotics officer i wouldnt even think about smoking anywhere near my crib, but thats just me.
  10. dont reccomend it...bud doesnt smell for longer than an hour in a well ventilated room..but the smell of the tobacco leaf can stick around for days. I do it all the time..cover your vents, plug the cracks in the door, open the windows..when your done use a deoderizing spray on your room...dont forget to undo anything you did to your vents or door...towel under the door is a sure sign you were up to something
  11. I wouldn't risk it. Its impossible to smoke inside and not have any smell.
  12. does he care about cigs? you could always just light up a smoke after
  13. look how old this thread is haha.
  14. I wonder whatever happened to him...

  15. Good to see you again man, this forum has been less wise without you:D

    Your dad knows what blunts smell like...this is a horrible idea.
    Then again you could...you know...move out:eek:
  16. dude..if your dads one of the highest ranking narkotics officers, i wouldnt even bring weed into the house, if your even worried about the smell take your screen off your window and sit with your legs outside(first story window, a story off ground) or if its basement, then just take screen off and go for a quick walk then come back in, if i were you, i wouldnt even consider smoking inside the house
  17. hahaa "pig"
    damn your dads a narc....i wuld hate my dad if he was a rat:smoking::smoking:
  18. Why did you bump this old ass thread?
  19. haha wat a fool

    if your dad is a narcotics guy he can tell if u smoked weed

    i can tell the hintest smell u think he cant?


    if u must then here my guide

    open 2 window that r next to each other(dont open all windows the smell will spread)

    spray some shitt
    blow smoke out the window only

    still might now work though considering its not a pipe and your dad is a narcotic guy

    even with a pipe there will still be some smell hours after your toke
  20. I remember I was in a situation you were in when i first starting smoking, I just ran outside and smoked about .5 of some super strong OG kush to the dome. My tolerance was low as fuck too. That was a pretty intense day, I had to hold on to a chair to not fly off the earth :p:eek:

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