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Smoking BHO

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by slimcookie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Just seein how everyone smokes their BHO.

    So, how do you guys smoke BHO?
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    BHO= butane honey oil



    Well, technically, it's not smoking, it's vaporizing, and it reallllly gets the job done :smoking:
  3. Can you describe what you did? Where do you find that curvy thing to stick in your downstem? What is the metal attachment you have on there? Is that some sort of tape on the attachment?

    (Sorry, I haven't been exposed to much hash, so I'm a hash newb :))
  4. I put it on top of greens usually, or I'll vape it.
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    What I have is called a Ti swing, but it's not really something you would go buy somewhere. It's a titanium pad on a stainless steel swingarm, wired to the glass on glass bell. You put the pad up like on the first pic, heat it with a torch, swing it down under the bell, inhale, and dab some oil on it. Hands down the most potent hits I've ever experienced.

    What you can also do, is get a bell made by a glassblower, and get a titanium spork from eBay or google. Attach it to somethin, and you can do same thing I'm doing, just a bit more tricky to hold the tube, spoon, and dab.
  6. Ah ok yeah I always wanted to make some just I never understand like what you put the weed in to filter the butane through it.
  7. Check out trikky's tutorial on it. I use stainless steel turkey baster tubes with a coffee filter clamped over the big end.
  8. hmm alright thanks :D

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