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Smoking between getting caught and the court date?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Toblerone, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. So I got busted about a month ago. Court date is set for Jan. 10th.

    Since I figure I'll be on probation for awhile and not able to smoke, I still want to now. And just cuz I havent smoked for the last month, and am bored and want to again while I can.

    From your personal experiences with these things (especially if your from PA), do they drug test you at fingerprinting or court? How long into probation before the first one? Would I be best off not smoking at all (I know people will say this "if you can't stop for a couple months then you have a problem", its not that I cant stop, I just dont want to, but don't want to fuck myself worse)
  2. I got caught and never stoppped smoking. All of that is behind me now, and I wish I didn't take so many chances after I got caught. You dont have to stop, but just chilling out would be a good idea.
  3. i got arrested sometime last year for possession. They contacted me a while before my first probation meeting. (i was at college so i couldnt go back to my home town, therefore i had like 3 months notice in advance).

    Since it was my first time they put me on Conditional Discharge and i only got drug tested once. It was in the very beginning when they told me they were going to give me a test.

    After I finished that, they told me to stay out of trouble and wouldn't contact me again unless I got into more trouble.

    My probation is over with and I only got tested that one time. I dont know much about PA laws but I was arrested in NoNJ.

    Hope this help,
    GL with ya
  4. As far as I know you shouldn't be tested in the court. If you see someone in court being tested it is probably because they violated their probation. I was told on my probation papers that I could be randomly tested and it never happened. Some people however are tested every time. You need to read your p.o. when you have meetings. Also, it will probably be after the first month of probation but sometimes they give you a preliminary test to see your thc levels. I smoked all throughout my probation and it made me nervous as hell as each date neared. So be careful man.
  5. To add to the already overwhelming load of evidence:

    My GF got busted early this year, like in January I think. She toked straight through to her court date, and didn't even get supervised probation. Never had to take a single DP. Of course ymmv but I'm pretty sure you're home free until your court date.

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