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Smoking between final MEPS visit and Basic Training MEPS drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420Blazeit#love, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. So because I wanted a specific answer from someone experienced in this situation whether a recruiter or have gone through this already I'm going to go in depth.
    Long story short, I stopped smoking in august, had a couple medical things on record, and decided to apply for the military. I was honest with both smoking and medical with the airforce, got rejected on the spot, then asked the navy about their recruitment requirements, said it was the same as the airforce and so I gave up. A week later I went to the Army, was straight forward with the recruiter telling him why I got rejected and asked if their was anything they could do to get me in. The recruiter liked me so he had me take the practice asvab, scored an 85 and left. They asked me to come in a week later, took me into their office, and told me they would work with me as long as I never told anyone at MEPS or mention any of my drug/medical history ever again. So from here on out the military doesn't know. 
    I passed the drug test and physical, nothing came up for criminal, and got a 95 on the asvab, so by now they really like me as a recruit, and there should not be anything that gives them a reason to look into my medical or drug test me (as far as I know). 
    With all this info, should I expect to be randomely drug tested before my basic training date in 2 and a half months? I would really like to smoke a little this month, and it'll be out in half a month due to my weight and body fat (less than 1%).

  2. Less than 1% body fat, huh?

    I'm not to sure if they will randomly test you, but you won't smoke for years, May as well go 2 months now.
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    I went through DEP, MEPS, and BT for the Navy.
    do NOT smoke at all. It is NOT a random UA. After MEPs, everyone is tested as soon as they are off the bus (and some even right before the bus) at BT. it's one of the first things you do... no matter what branch you're in, you'll be tested before you know where you'll be eating or sleeping.
    so your ASVAB score doesn't mean dick if you smoke right now, don't risk it! I've seen many tossed out day 1 of BT because of their same mistake.
  4. I'm shipping out at the end of the year, very end, and this would be the last month (until oct 31) that I would smoke, giving me almost 2 full months to get it out of my system. I know not to smoke the month of shipping out, that's not worth it. I was just curious as the time period between now and basic, if there is a drug test, I know they do when you get there day 1.
  5. Bro, as someone who is currently in the military right now, please, please, please do not join. We are not "fighting for freedom" right now. We are simply pawns used to make the financially elite richer. That is all.
    Our government funded and trained Al Qaeda, Bush lied about the Iraq war, and a General from the Air Force is now saying that we funded ISIS as well. If you can turn around, I would highly suggest you do so now. Get a state job instead. Don't join the military.
    If you do decide to stay in, I wouldn't smoke. It sucks, and it's going to be very very hard, but it's too risky in the military. Too much stress comes along with smoking and trying to pass UAs and it's not worth it. Maybe ONCE every few months or so, but even that is pushing it. 
    DONT SMOKE DURING THE MEPS PROCESS. Wait till you're home from basic and AIT, then toke up once. 
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    This kinda got derailed, I appreciate personal opinions on politics and the army but I'm trying to get an answer regarding only what I asked about: Finishing MEPs and waiting to begin basic. I have 2 months before I ship out to basic training, I have finished everything at MEPS, physical, piss test everything. All I was wondering is if anyone has had experiences with random drug tests in this phase of waiting, but being done in the meanwhile.
    EDIT: I also haven't been smoking for about 3, almost 4 months now.
  7. They won't call you for a random in between your meps and ship date, but you will more than likely get tested very soon after arriving at basic. My old grow partner was full time, then went deserve. He smokes on the weekends only, and does it sparingly up until two weeks before his next drill and hasn't failed a random in 4 years of smoking.
  8. Never smoke pot from here on out. My husband was in the USMC and many guys thought they could secretly smoke pot and get away with it. They piss test at the most random times. That is why some people who we saw smoking thought they were fine to smoke a little, then bam! Drug tested. If you get caught with it in your system, you will get a dishonorable discharge.
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    Well, they do now!! I am going to forward this to the department of the Army.
    LOL I'm kidding. But even if they do test you after you arrive at bootcamp, and you test positive for THC, they probably won't give a fuck as long as you are not smoking on base. Why? Because this country is going to WAR. Obama is on his way out. If we elect a republican like Mc Cain, then he will put boots on the ground (no more un-manned drones). And if you have a reputaion for being a stoner, then your CO will put you on the front line because if you get killed, it aint no big thing to them.
    Good Luck, have fun.
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    I smoked once between my last meps visit and before I left for basic. They wont drug test you unless maybe if you give them a reason to. In my opinion, I dont think you should. Its just gonna be harder to not think about. I quit for a about 6 months before I left for BMT and I really wanted to smoke, I ended up smoking and it just wasnt worth it.
    Get ready for the most bullshit of your life when you join
    Edit; I read your other comment and my situation was almost identical to yours, I ended up smoking. I suggest you dont cause its not the same as smoking when you have a tolerance built up, I just got way too high and it wasnt fun.
  11. ^truth^
  12. The military tests to a much lower level then companies do. You will likely fail and get sent home, if you smoke more now. :smoke:

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