Smoking before work

Discussion in 'General' started by TokingToker, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Is the shit, no doubt. I got a job 2 days ago, I blazed up 2 blunts between 4 other people and headed off to work, I work at a grocery market, so I have to clean up the meat room, restock shelves, push carts and pick up trash. I finished the whole thing and had an hour of work left, they let me go home though, damn I'm glad I smoked, I finished everything no problem and still had time to do some other stuff.

  2. I wouldn't have ever smoked at my last job, because there was just too much interaction with people, most of which wouldn't have approved.

    But my current job is graveyard shift, almost everyone there is intoxicated on some level, and anyone who isn't probably won't give a damn if you are.

    When you spend all night stuffing envelopes or taping up boxes, you gotta pass the time somehow... :smoke:

    In conclusion, I'd have to agree, smoking before work (or at work) is indeed the shit.
  3. I work in a factory, and I've had some minor injuries (cut off tips of fingers, massive splinters, rolling 1500lb objects over my toe)... I just cant smoke before work.

    But its okay, it gives me something to look forward to throughout the day.
  4. I manage a restaurant. I deal with people all day. Believe me, its much better stoned. :)
  5. Oh hell no, I know I would fuck something up with a job like that. But if you get an easy job, my god being high makes it about 20x better. All I could think about is getting shit done fast and good. I don't like talking to the boss high, but the employee's are fun to talk to.
  6. I used to work for a big pharmacy chain and sometimes I'd go home for 'lunch'. BAsically I'd take 2 minutes to eat a couple hot pockets then spend the next 20 toking it up.
  7. i used to smoke a blunt everyday before work... getting high motivates me to do what i gotta do
  8. I remember when I worked at a local pizzeria (worst job ever, boss was just like Lumbergh from Office Space), after hours all the employees would go out back and we'd burn a few blunts. After a while we got a bong and stashed it behind the restaurant and have a nice little least when the cool managers were working.
  9. I got a new job this summer at a bakery workin 6pm-2am (but normally done by 12:30, 1) and although my boss there is also my new dealer and i work with almost all potheads (of many different variations. ages of them are about: 18,22,30,40,45) i still never smoke right before work. almost every day i smoke around 1pm and around 1am when i get off of work but if i do right before i know that...
    A- i will fuck stuff up, people will know im completely stoned and might be a little annoyed that im working less hard cause im fucked up
    and more importantly, B- by hour 3 or 4 i will be burnt out, very tired, not in the mood, and it will ruin my night

    but yeah sometimes when theres an hour or 2 left me and one of the young guys (my age) will smoke a J and its pretty fuckin nice. thursdays are our busiest night and a lot of times after work my boss brings out a blunt to smoke with 3 or 4 of us after work :) pretty awesome i guess

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