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Smoking before work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ugadawgfan, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Do you think it is a good idea to smoke before going to work? If so, do you smoke before going to work? i usually smoke a little before but not to much because I have to do a lot of math in my head and being high seems to interfere with that.
  2. I would rather wait and then get home and get way more baked then i would have if i smoked in the morning too.
  3. Depends on the job and sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends on what I've got going on that day.

    Smoking after a long day at work is always really rewarding and feels great so I usually like to hold off.
  4. Depends on how im feeling that day. Once i smoked before work without having anything to eat all day. I ended up passing out on the job, that was not a good day. I sure learned my lesson.
  5. I wouldn't. But that's just because I'd rather save the bud for when I can really enjoy it.

  6. This^
  7. it's your place of employment dont smoke before hand that can wait until after work
  8. I used to do this all the time and I would end up making costly mistakes or just being too anti social for work. I haven't smoked before work in like 2 years and I dont miss it, feels really good not to be burnt out when 1pm comes around and its always a nice reward to have a smoke after work.
  9. I like to smoke a little before work, it all depends on your job, how comfortable enough you feel to work high and what not. If I start at a new job ill wait a good couple months to get used to the way things operate and used to the people I work with.
  10. Whoa. Okay I know this late, but I usually smoke before work. :D
    I used to work at Vans shoe store so you know I would be blazed as fuck before going in lol. then I worked at this cake bakery which fucking sucked so I'd go in there high as shit to make it less annoying.
    NOW I'm a server and it's a nice restaurant so I'm a little skeptical about going in high, but my coworker does it all the time so I'm about to smoke a bowl then go in. Or maybe a couple hits because this weed is some good ass shit. I wouldn't be able to handle a full bowl. :smoke:

  11. I smoke while working, Having a stoner boss rocks my socks man
  12. I can't really do it, I'm a van driver!! Even though I can drive high I think it's quite inappropriate at work!!
  13. It depends on the job really. If I'm making food, it's just a bad idea, I've seriously fucked some food up that way. I actually almost killed someone doing that, they were allergic to one of the ingredients and asked not to have it on their dish. Part of my job was to make sure that the order was perfect and I let that one slide. I got lucky because she only took one bite and had an epipen on her.

    I've also had jobs where it was the only way to stand the job. I worked a Jimmy John's for awhile and if I was working the register that day, I needed to be high. If I wasn't I just became an asshole around 4th hour. Making change was hard sometimes, but I eventually got it down.

    Just think about your job. Could smoking lead to someone's death? If so, don't fucking smoke. If not and you can do your job well enough, go ahead, provided that you're not blatantly stoned.
  14. I smoke before, during, and after work because I'm the manager in charge. Keys and alarm codes to every door in the building, bring my sidekick when he's scheduled. Graveyard shift, 11-7
  15. lol i work at journeys, all i do is get high and go to work . there's never a day were the store is really crowded so i just chill get high and look at the cute girls that work in the forever 21 across from me
  16. Lol i work in a sypermarket stockin the produce and today was my last day cause im going back to school. I always came in baked. Made the day go by faster an i had more fun. It was convinient that almos every1 there smokes so no one gives a shit i i was stoned. It was really funny totalk to customers and stuff while stoned. But it depends on ur situation. If ur ppl at work would find out and get mad/fire def. dont. Weed isnt worth losing a job over. :smoke:
  17. I find I feel refreshed and awake when I smoke in the morning, so I like to have a little bowl before I go off to work if I can.
  18. I always give myself a little chill time just a few hours before work and i smoke get ready eat then take one more hit after i eat then watch tv for an hour and a half or get on grasscity
  19. Never toke before 3rd shift lol. Your night will be hell.
  20. I Work as a prep guy at a mexican restaurant (Cool job for an 18 year old) So all i do is cut up chicken, vegetables, make salsa etc. So going to work baked is cool for me cause i'm usually a little bit isolated. Only bad thing is when my co-workers call me out, and im like STFU... When your high and people put you on blast its so annoying...but yeah I usually roll a jay and smoke like half, then when i get off i kill it. It really depends on your job but all three of my jobs have been at food places so being high is never really much of an issue. Just make sure you dont wreek of bud

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