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Smoking before the "right" age debate.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stoner Guy, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Ok, so this thread will be dedicated to the start of smoking cannabis at the age of 13+ i am going to start with my personal story and try to dig into more scientific aspects. I do not fully agree on the long lasting brain effects - if bad i think they might be good.

    Feedback on your part would very much help my debate. Do you agree, why or why not ?

    My short conclusion on why i think it is acceptable is if you can be mature, not do stupid crazy shit and really are educated on it. I got as much information as i could before trying it myself. I has reasons why i used it (dad's death, anxiety, mild-insomnia, and stupid stress. (we all need some stress or we can't build onto ourselves ) ) . So if you can handle it, be mature, be a critical and open-minded thinker i say go for it. Don't do it to be cool. Buy a $700 TORO to be cool. :cool:

    So a long time ago in a world far far away, i started smoking weed. Oh cannabis i loved you since i was 13 years old and now with science i have learned that it can effect the development on the brain but with my experience i do not see how so. Having two different angles of life and getting high made me much more of a mature person and when i was 14-15 i was one of the most mature of my peers. Grades were decent but i have such a creative and developmental mind always thinking of ideas out of the box. I was a computer wizard, i am not saying i am old now so yes we still had computers, lmao. My family knew and with anything moderation is key - so they knew they couldn't tell me it's wrong but more to weigh the options. Cause that's like saying they should ban me from using bridges or a saw because if your a idiot on/using either one you could have a accident. They were more worried on the illegality but after a year of hardcore blunt smoking all i did was sit around at my house and roll bowls. I never felt comfortable around my other stoner friends because they were fake, stupid minded, crazy, and dangerous. They didn't give a shit and spark blunts hot-boxing a UN-registered car without seat-belts on. Most of them did not know themselves and were compulsive lairs and manipulators, my luck right. Well not all of them are like this i always stuck to a few of the realist people i knew and most the others of course are haters and don't become close friends because I'm a stoner - i didn't care though, that's their own irrationality. I was told by some wise people of how smart of a kid i were and how good minded thinker i was, I'm not talking them just saying things, i mean genuine people that wouldn't say that unless they meant it. I often hung around older people and have real deep conversations about life, the earth, space, existence, philosophy ect. I always sought out for another point of view and never judged somebody without analyzing it to a fair extent. Of course i had to been naive at times but that's just being a kid. I never been to coordinated though i really had problems bumping and being clumsy but most of the time it because i wasn't thinking of motor functions but just thinking. Cannabis really helped me deal with my dad's death, anxiety, insomnia and with everyday UN-needed stress. So now you know my thinking as a kid lets see some scientific research.

    Smoking marijuana as teen may have lasting brain effects, study suggests -

    I call bullshit on this one. ADD & ADHD sufferers would too because of the calming / intense thinking effect. Plus you have to look at if you are smoking mainly indica or sativa. Sativa might make you act more impulsive but i know on a good indica you might not even want to move.

    Teens who smoke pot at risk for later schizophrenia, psychosis - Harvard Health Publications

    Wow, it must cause good psychosis i never thought like a meth-head , ex. people were spying on me but i have gone to deep thought about the universe and existence. And if you haven't you should it's amazing to think about and so mid boggling. And this person at the end put -

    WTF Harvard.

    Ok guys I've done my work now it would be cool if you find more stories and research studies and see what you think about them.

    Peace and toke on GC. :smoke:
  2. It depends on the kid and if he's willing to live with the consequences of getting caught.
  3. Their is consequences for anyone smoking in a marijuana prohibited area. It may actually be better as a kid because it will be wiped of your record and i am sure the general public is condones it much more than they did awhile back. You also don't have to do any time and just may have to take a drug course and be clean for a month or two. That's why you don't be stupid and you won't get caught. I even have my dealer come to me so i can keep everything safe inside my house and without a warrant no pigs going to touch my stash :) .
  4. Feedback? You invested entirely too much time into this.:cool:
  5. Lmao took like 15 minutes or less. I got my new keyboard in the mail and was so tired of using the on-screen keyboard i felt like writing into detail about something or other. I just remembered a comment on tokin daily and somebody ask him about smoking at the age of 15 and he said something like only if you like hurting your own body ect. then go for it.

  6. Pot does give you a different mind set, but is it bad to be detached from such a corrupted world.

    Regardless I don't thing age is as important as maturity, if a kid is capable of behaving while high, not letting it become their life, and can keep their mouth shut and not brag about getting high he is golden.

    I avoid smoking with my 20 year old friend because he tell's everyone he got high and who he got high with and where he was when he got high, and yahh I just don't smoke with him, I've even smoked in front of him and wouldn't let him hit it.
  7. Thats the story of my life right there, albeit, minus my dad's death in addition to my mom running away to become a hill-billy whore.
  8. I think we should smoke babies.. Err.. I mean babies should smoke.
  9. Yes, but we all like stories and are consumed in cannabis. You can not deny that, we are on a cannabis forum discussing many factors of the plant and life.

    Were not addicted were committed.
  10. Yeah my mom used to be addicted to opiates but is healthy now :) - she still doesn't care about the consumption of cannabis though. But does give me shit a lot -.-' . What are moms for ? :p
  11. Whatever floats your boat. :devious: Baby KILLER !!
  12. I'll smoke that teddy bear while I'm at it. Mmmm, literal cotton mouth. :rolleyes:

    ...what happened to the picture of the Teddy Bear?!
  13. Lmao, that was pedo-bear and i removed him because he's to adorably-dangerous for any of us to lay our eyes on.

    Back on topic though ??

  14. I don't like how that's worded and frankly I don't understand/ see the relationship to my post.

    Elaborate your points please.
  15. I thought you were leading in how consumed he was in being "high" but now that i read your post again he was just more careless and irrational. (no reason to go around saying "i'm fucking blazed" unless in the right situation)

    Sorry about that but my statement still stands i just needed to re-read your post. :p

  16. Ok I got you, there really isn't a story to tell, it was just two people getting high and he told everyone, because somehow smoking makes him cool idrk.

    Yes I am on pot site but I use it for information, and to find like minded individuals. I like to get stoned and discuss philosophy and shit like this, but most my friends would rather not. It's not like I spend my entire day reading about pot, smoking pot, thinking about pot, because that'd be an issue.
  17. I like steak but I'm not gonna have a cow farm just to get steak.
    I like television but I don't think I'm part of a tv show.
    I like my guitar but I'm not a wannabe rock star.

    ...Same with bud, I like it but I'm not gonna let it consume me.
  18. #18 Stoner Guy, Aug 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2011
    Lol but i'd love to setup a dispensary and be able to toke in their all day with no worry's but that's not going to happen anytime soon. Sometimes dreams are a nice thing to have and i have much more than that. But i can admit I'm consumed, but to me it's not a bad thing. I think consumed is the wrong word though because it's not like the world revolves around it but it is a fairly relevant in our daily lives like our computers, cars, televisions, phones. You see what I'm saying by that now?

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