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Smoking before the dentist

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hockeydan1092, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    In an hour and a half I have to go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and I wanted to know if anyone has gone to the dentist chopped and would it be OK to be high while there. I'm a daily smoker probably about a gram a day for the past year but I just don't want it to feel more uncomfortable and I don't wanna freak out.
  2. dentist will be like "you know smoking causes mouth cancer right?"

    been there done that
  3. It's not like your going to be doing anything fun at the dentist. I would wait.
  4. I went to the optometrist high out of my mind once. Shit was trippy. Kept flashin lights in my eyes and then that big thing they put on your face...

    But fuck it, go high to the dentist. why not?
  5. I was tripping once and remembered I had a dentist appointment, after smoking far too many joints.

    I brushed my teeth and the sitter dropped me off at the dentist.

    It was REALLY uncomfortable, but I wasn't confronted and was actually complimented on my dental hygiene.

    That was an unusual Tuesday afternoon..
  6. hate going there, they always have a snide comment "were you eating bread this morning"

    "Cannabis causes gingervitis" the fuck never heard of that
  7. Its not like they can do anything...unless you bring weed to the dentists (like a dumb-ass)
  8. If you think you'll freak out or feel uncomfortable, obviously it's not worth it. But if you can keep your cool, it might make going to the dentist more tolerable, who knows. Plus, who gives a fuck if the dentist knows you're baked.
  9. No problem. I went there to fix my cavities and molars. They put me on laughing gas. I was sitting back CHILLING. The more i breathed into the mask i Could feel me getting higher and lifted. I was so relaxed that i could just fall asleep. The more time that passed by i felt like i was getting higher. I was in heaven and theres was this sexy ass girl doing me ;) she was working on me and she even put her tits in my face on purpose :).
  10. yes, of course you were...

  11. you never heard of gingivitis?
  12. I always go to the dentist stoned. Helps me keep me calm. It's funny.... Every time I go they say something along the line of 'Boy you look happy today.'
  13. Lol are you trying to be funny? Ive never heard of cannabis causing the vitis.:smoke:

  14. nope, just a misunderstanding lol you never know these days
  15. I always end up just wanting to fall asleep in the chair!
  16. u can do anything high been there done that if you rnt going to the dentist high u havent crossed over to daily usage then apparently
  17. I wouldn't want to be high at the dentists. I don't mind going at all, but I don't think I'd be comfortable. Not sketched out or anything, but I wouldn't want to be high.
  18. dude dont, they know when youve been smoking they can look at your gums.
    last time i went they said "have you been smoking recently?"
    i was like nop.

  19. its not their business if u smoke or not their goal is to clean ur teeth
  20. why waste a high on the dentist anyways? are you so addicted that you cant even go without bud for a damn hour at the dentist?

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