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smoking before going on a plane?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by contraband, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Anyone have tips about smoking before going on a plane?
    Can I be denied admittance to the plane if I appear too high?
  2. If you don't start geeking out in front of airline employees i'm sure you'll be fine...

    Put some Visine in before you go
  3. Yeah, you'll be fine. There is no way to prove you're high unless you are possessing something that signals you might be. Hot box your car before checking it into long term parking. Cologne that shit up, with a chaser of eye-drops.

    Or not. If asked, blame allergies.

    I'd also recommend bringing some edibles for the flight if it's a long one. Eat the brownies, toke it up, then get on the plane. You'll be high, then mid flight you'll be like, "fuck, I'm really high."
  4. dont hide or laugh

    they'll think your psycho
  5. That shit would trip me out being high on an airplane. I would be paranoid and shit but if you wanna do it go for it they cant prove your high unless your acting like a dumbass. And dont stink like weed either.
  6. You paid for a ticket right? That's all they care about.
  7. As long as you dont have it on you, you're fine. They may suspect something if they smell it but ultimately, they just want your money. Stoners have a bad rap but they know you would be too stoned to hijack a plane
  8. also if you smell like weed, it legals them to a search. of everything. probable cause. So smoke in one pair of clothes, change clothes, visine. and then your good to go.

    600th post lol.
  9. BEING high is not a crime. Carrying weed onboard a plane or in an airport is.

    I usually just eat a brownie or a cookie before a long flight.

    Or a tincture that I have in my pocket.

    Or cannapills.

    My daughter's godmother has a great saying "If you don't want people to know you're stoned, never let them see you when you're not." I pretty much adhere to that, and I never have any problems, people just think I"m a little slow on the uptake sometimes.
  10. My advice would be eat it don't smoke it. Eat a brownie as you're getting security checked, and by the time you're on the plane you'll be feeling it. This way you avoid having to not look high and smelling bad and such.

  11. Real Advice.

    They cannot deny admitance unless they potentially think your gonna harm someone or for some other reason.

    They cannot deny you for your state of well-being.

  12. Although this is fun, don't do this if your going by yourself.

    You will most likely feel awkward the whole time on the plane as to whoever you sit next to.
  13. Its a sad day to see how many people are misinformed upon their rights. The smell of cannabis alone is not probable cause to initiate a search of your person.

    We have the bill of rights for a reason, use them or lose them.
  14. Make sure you don't get really high and end up on a plane through some sort of bad storm. That happened to me. I also had a seat next to the engine looking out the window. The rain was going sideways, I could see lightning, there was turbulance and the red light was flashing out on the wing, which is normal.

    But at the time, I really thought I was going to die. hahaha.
    At least most planes give you endless snacks. mmm.
  15. If your not making a scene about it they dont care.

  16. pretty much this.
    I think the airline is more worried about terrorist threats than a dude who had a toke or two before takeoff, lol. as long as you don't act like an idiot or a total douche when you're stoned, and so long as you don't make a bunch of jokes about bombs, I'm pretty sure they won't care. buuuuuut, no need to tempt fate, visine + shower/axe body spray, and they got nothin' on you.

    Oh, and I assume you're not dumb enough to actually carry bud with you ON the plane. THAT, would be asking for it.
  17. Hah, your daughter's godmother is a wise lady.
  18. I agree with the edibles.

    Is it possible to get edibles beyond the checkpoint?

    or is that just really stupid?
  19. Go for it, But dont smoke if its a long flight. If you smoke before a long flight, you will end up burnt out halfway through. Make some edibles, much easier IMO but ive never been high on a plane. That way you can stay high the whole time.
  20. I never bother with trying to get edibles past the security checkpoint to be honest, except for my tincture and the cannapills. Both are easily concealed in other things.

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