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Smoking before/during work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smoothcriminal7, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Just wanted to see what people's thoughts were on this, if you ever blaze before you go in or on break, if you think it's appropriate or inappropriate, is it irresponsible? Things like that. Personally i think it just depends on the task and the workplace but some jobs I feel smokin is necessary to really perform those tasks at the optimum level.

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  2. You sir, are a drug addict.

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  3. [quote name="codswallop" post="19737454" timestamp="1395675686"]You sir, are a drug addict.

    Haha well, in my defense bro, I'm a tattooer, so I smoke and literally just sit there and draw all day, then go home. I don't smoke when I tattoo, only to draw or make other art that isn't permanent. I feel that that is fairly appropriate and responsible.

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  4. i've done it at every job i've had but i'm not in a place to positively represent this
  5. Unless you do it for legit medical purposes; I see it as disrespectful to the employer.

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  6. Sure beats drinking before/during work.
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  7. Well I work at dominos as a delivery driver so it's never an issue for me, every couple days there is usually someone bringing weed for us to smoke there, plus I can smoke on deliveries
  8. It just depends on the job!
    If you work at a plant nursery in the potting shed transplanting petunias 8 hours a day- why not? :confused_2:
    If you are driving a school bus - HELL NO!  :mad:
    A few dead petunias is one thing, a few dead kids is totally another!
    Most jobs fall between those two extremes. Use common sense! Think about what could go wrong before you light up.
  9. I'm in accounting/finance, and smoke every morning. Normally have a cup of coffee and by the time i get to work, I'm pretty sober. One of these days i need to stop though my memory can be absolute shit at times haha. 
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    I hate to be Sir Buzz Killington, but I don't think it's a good idea.
    I'm against getting high at work, in public, and while driving. I think people need to understand how far the legal cannabis movment has came to where the status quo has been challenge in states like CO and WA.
    Getting stoned at work can be problematic and counter productive to the legalization of cannabis on a federal level. I don't have a problem with anyone decision to use cannabis recreational in the privacy of their home, but not in public or on the job. Regardless of occupation.
    -Possible Poor Customer Support
    -Possible Unreliable Coworkers
    -Definite Munchies at work.
    I understand some people claiming to have been working stoned at work for over years and never made a mistake which is probaly a valid claim, however I'm talking from experience and consumer perspective.
  11. I work better high than sober. I'm more motivated to work and have less pain to slow me down.

    For retail weed is necessary to survive
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  12. I work in a grocery store and will say I smoke before I go in, on my lunch, and of course after!

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  13. depends on the job and how you handle your weed..
    if you act a fool when you smoke weed, then you're probably better off not doing it at work.. if you can handle your shit like an adult.. then go for it.
  14. I smoke before work probably 50% of the time. I work at a grocery store, just stacking shelves and answering customer questions. From my experience I have found that I can work just as good or even better while high. I dont get completely stoned, only enough to remove my pains and help me daydream to pass time as I work. Once you have done a job long enough you can do it while high or sober without much thought, but being high just zones me out while working and I just get focused on the job and forget about time.

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  15. Like the others said, it depends on the job and the person. I always smoke before work and at lunch. I find that it makes me more motivated and helps the day go by faster because I'm having fun. I do work on roofs and very high ladders so that might not be the best idea for everyone but as a rock climber who climbs stoned as well I am more than comfortable being high while I'm high.
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    I work at a bike and ski shop and I almost always vape or smoke with my boss on the job. There are only 5 employees and we all smoke together :D I perform repairs on bikes as well or better when I'm stoned

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  17. Being high at work makes me happier to be there.  Being sober makes me think about, "Damn, I could've gotten high today."
  18. Well actually it depends what you work on, cause the truth is that I don't like being high if I have to be 100% focused. I like smoking and being chill. In my case since I work as a sound engineer at a recording studio, I totally toke while recording shit, not too much though, just enough to brighten my day
  19. This is actually something I've been grappling with as kind of a new, regular smoker. I find myself smoking almost everyday now, which I don't see a problem with, but during the week it's usually in the evenings, after the gym and after work. But the end of the month and business quarters are crazy at my job as a I manage a bunch of advertising accounts and budgets and such. I'm hard to stress out and I firmly believe in work/life balance so I absolutely HATE being at work for 55-65 hours in a week when I'm only getting paid for 40. It's kinda obvious when i'm not my usual happy, jovial self, and i've found that a puff or two of my bowl and a coffee will slide me right on into the day feeling great. I'll get in a little early so I can relax and i'm pretty sober an hour in. I guess I just always had a bad perception of people who smoked before work, but hey, now i'm one of them. 
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    ^It's easy to judge when you're not in that situation. Definitely. Smoking before and during work doesn't have to be negative. Lowering stress not only makes the day go better, but it makes you more alert, conscious, and productive.

    Just because it's fun to be lazy when stoned, doesn't mean you have to be lazy whenever you're stoned

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