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Smoking before class?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DrGonzo666, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Whats your guys opinion on smoking before class? Some of my freinds says it ruins the high. I have only done it once, but I didn't smoke much.
  2. I wouldn't do it probably unless i already knew what we were doin that day..i'd be freaked

    If i could wear sunglasses everywhere i went i'd be high all the time no joke :smoke:

    Not that i ain't already
  3. I did it all throught school. In HS, my classmates would trip out because they knew I was stoned when I took the Final Exam, and I would end up with the highest grade in the class. So it doesn't hinder your learning ability in my experience. When I say this I mean like moderately smoking before class, not having a cheech and chong session where you smoke an eighth in one sitting and then going to class. Just thought that I should ellaborate on this so no one took it the wrong way.

    smoke one

    just use your common sense
  4. I've been to school high for like a week straight before. I have AP spanish first bell, and I swear I can hear and speak spanish more fluently when I'm blazed.
  5. I did it once. I sat in the front row of my speech class. This fat kid had a big mouth and kept blabbering on about god knows what. I couldent stop cracking up laughing and the whole class thought i was nuts. Well except the teacher, i hookup him up with about an ounce of dank a month..(long story)

  6. That was the class that I aced the Final stoned in. Everyone thought that I was going to get an F cuz I was high. I enjoyed proving the whole class wrong. People would tell me, How did you get into honors classes if you smoke weed. Terribly shocking to straight folks.
  7. This semester i have a wildlife management class where we get to go outside and do shit all the time. First 2 weeks of school straight i was ripped as fuck until after lunch. However even though I had a great first period to be high in, I don't do it more than once a week now because by the time you are coming down and third period rolls around (block scheduling and i have physics 3rd) I really cannot concentrate on my most important class.
  8. Oh damn and last week I was blazed as fuck and at the start of second my english teacher read a dr. seuss book to us. She read it really fast and rythmically and I was cracking the hell up, it was honestly the funnyiest shit ive ever heard from a book.
  9. dont be a puss, waltz in there like u fuckin own the shit man, i go blazed to school every fuckin day, the trick is to be chill and normal, dont freak and ull be all good
  10. Yeah man I'm going to fry a bowl right before my programming class tomorrow.

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