Smoking before bed?

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  1. So this question is really basic, do you think it is a waste of bud to smoke before bed? Since your really only gonna feel the high for like 20 minutes and then pass out, you're not really getting the full experience you could have if you stayed awake. I mean, I know how awesome it is falling asleep high, and it keeps me asleep, but is that really worth it in the long run? I guess if I was buying buy like I used to it wouldn't really matter, but now that I'm dealing with some shit I'm down to grams here and there. So as much as I want to smoke like now (1 A.M. on a Thursday night), I keep telling myself to save it for some time when I can really enjoy it. 
    So what do y'all think about this?

  2. I smoke Black Domina so I will sleep a full, solid 8 hours and I am talking serious sound sleep. Hell...I have to already have my full zip onezy with the built in footies already on and my one hitter on a chain around my neck with the covers pulled up when I take a hit of that. Puts me out quicker than anything including watching Oprah network!
  3. well I smoke indica for night time use only.. and sativa during the day.. it seems
    that they both serve their purpose. indica to sleep, sativa for energy.
  4. I love love love
    Smoking a whole bowl right as I turn off the tv, same as described above, except I use a regular pipe, layered with some FM...

    Try to cash the bowl before passing out...

    I rarely make it past 5-6 hits,ha..

    And awake with pipe and lighter atop my chest, right where I left it ...
  5. Only the real drug addicts need to smoke b4 bedtime.
  6. I cant sleep after I smoke! But I pass out pretty quick and wake up stuck on my couch like a lizard and crawl to bed.
    What F is a dab?
     Hahaha. Im olde school...
    I guess its freebasin oil ?
  7. Optimally I'm baked like a pretzel before going to bed, but smoking right before bed will start me back up to enjoy the high. 
  8. I usually smoke an hour before bed. that way I enjoy the high, yet I'm stoned enough to snooze right out.
  9. Just depends what day it is. I like smoking before bed but sometimes a good night sleep just buzzed is where it's at.

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  10. I like vaping before bed. Conserves weed better than smoking and sleeping high is nice.
  11. I smoke before bed a lot and as long as you dont pass out RIGHT away i dont think its a waste. Usually im moved by the weed to do something and eventually get tired and sleep

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  12. I pretty much smoke every night before bed.
    I wait out the whole 2-hour high and fall asleep during the comedown.
    I wake up feeling super refreshed, but if I accidentally fall asleep while still high, I feel disoriented when I wake up.
    It's not a waste of bud as long as you're awake the whole time.
  13. Waste? FCK NO! I cant sleep without my pot!
  14. i use bud to hellp me get to sleep so no, i dont think it is a waste at all to do that. just depends if you need the help like i do.
  15. I agree with the above OPs ^^^. I love smoking before bed, maybe give yourself like 10 minutes to just zone out and think about shit, then all the sudden your eyes will be closed and you peace out for the night with the best sleep ever, every single time. Honestly, for awhile I only smoked before bed since I had to be sober during the day and later into the night doing work, nighttime was the only time I could smoke and it never felt like a waste. 
  16. In my opinion, using

    sativa before bed - waste.
    indica before bed - totally worth it
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    you increase your tolerance, and probably fall asleep not even halfway through the buzz, so yeah its a bit of a waste of money. 
    But if you use it TO sleep it could be perfect.  if i'm up late screwing around and i decide to smoke, i usually start feeling reeeeeally tired after
  18. Never a waste of time to smoke before bed. Gives you a good chance to relax and clear your mind before going to sleep. And the rest your body gets when you fall asleep high is so much better than when you fall asleep not high.
  19. I have a sleeping disorder

    It takes me over an.hour to.fall asleep.even if I'm drop dead tired

    So for me it is nice to smoke right before bed


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