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Smoking before and/or during work?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Doof, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. i smoke before I open the shop

    while im working in the shop

    while im closing the shop

    NY Style pizza maker, hand toss that shit high up in the air, like me :p
  2. I was also an RA at my college. still smoked >D lol
  3. You're all fired! lol
  4. Even the guy who said he doesn't?
  5. I'm a security guard and I'm regularly smoking before work, and I've smoked on the job, believe it or not, at least a couple of times. I've toked in a bathroom and right outside the building I'm guarding.

    The fact I don't have any superior, rarely get in human contact and work nights makes it all easier of course.
  6. fuck that... dunno bout yall, but it makes my work shift seem a lot longer and all i wanna do is chill... trust me u dont want to have obligations while your high... doesnt mix well
  7. Haha when I was in high school we had this 24 year old football coach who was a huge guy, probably like 250, who was also a security guard for the school and a bouncer. He'd always drive a golf cart around the school because we had a big grassy campus and I could totally imagine him smoking a j at both of these jobs.
  8. I'm high at work right now...holla!!
  9. I think that I may take a couple of hits before work today and see how it goes; may take a hit or 2 later; depending on how the day flows.:smoke:
  10. I vaporizer mon-fri at 4:20am every morning before i open a gym at 5:00.... Then i vape whenever i want during (only employee working for first 4 hours) then i take a 45 min paid lunch and vape out hella..... Then ill take a "break" before closing cleaning and vape another bowl or two... Then vape after work.......

    I work front desk so i get high and socialize with the members. And watch t.v shows on my phone. Best job ever. A member brought me a coffee and steak today :)
  11. Used to toke joints on the way home from my summer job this past year. Would never try to blaze at work though, too many possible scenarios where i'd get booked
  12. That why i love having a vape hehe
  13. A vape would definitely be the shiznit for that scenario
  14. Theres nothing like coming home from work , and blazing up that 1st bowl.
  15. There is nothing like blazing your first bowl and going to work!:D
  16. I burn at work everyday and sometimes before in the morning. I Work for the State
  17. I got high and went to work twice. I think it was a bad idea because I work with young kids at a boys and girls club but nobody seemed to notice.
    I usually love my job - I couldn't ask for anything better - but when I'm high I fuckin' LOOOVE my job. Seeing bunch of young wild imaginations running around while high is so fun. They loved me too. I think I interacted with them more. I want to do it again but I don't want my coworkers to think I am a giant pothead lol. They kin of already know but whatever lol
  18. Before front desk and personal training i worked the day care at the gym.... So fucking fun high. Kids loved me and parents still have me babysit on the regular outside of work. :)

  19. Haha i tried that once. I was too fucking paranoid.
  20. I had a awesome job at a local theater, I was a projectionist and I went in high, and stayed high my entire shift. from 2pm till 1am, 5 days a week. It was the best thing ever and my Manager knew the deal. there was only two guys who can run the 35mm film and keep up speed with the show times and I happen to be one of them so not much was said, just as long as the movies started at the right time, everything was good. Though I will say shuffling 14 auditoriums alone is a difficult task if your not on your A game; and if I wasen't a long time smoker it would have been next to impossible.

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