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Smoking Banana Peels??

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by mokawakowako, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. So a friend of mine told me he got high of banana peels, he said something about letting them dry in the sun, grinding them and smoking it, and it made him kinda high...
    Has anybody done this before? How high do you get? what exactly do you have to do? Do aliens have small penises?

  2. Yeah dude. You just have to add real drugs to the mix and itll fuck you up
  3. It's a trap. Aliens have huge dicks and target bannana smokers. :smoke:
  4. Well I have never tried it but that was something they did back in the 70's. It was known as 'Mellow Yellow.' And that is the birth of the term, how it became a soda I have no god damn idea.
  5. k i'll put that on my to-do list :p
  6. It works do it...don't even buy weed anymore dried banana peels is all you need.
  7. C'mon man this has been a myth for over 50 years. At least drink cat piss or somethin kids do nowadays
  8. smoke some arsenic. thatll fuck you up :)
  9. What are u ?
    A fuckin monkey hippie stoner ????

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  10. Hey, Hey, easy on that monkey hate man. :smoke:
    Close but no cigar.

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