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Smoking AVB?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Evil Thing, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. A little background: so recently I've really slowed down on smoking, partly because tolerance and party because I can't find any reliable plug in Houston. Daily smoked dank for about 4-5 months. I took a week break from July 1-7(yes that's really 6 days shhhh) and then started smoking again, but only once a day and not every day. I'm really trying to conserve the gram I have left so I haven't really been smoking except on lawn cut days, those days I'll run through .25 or so. That's once a week about. On days that I smoke but don't cut grass it's usually just a one hitter with maybe .10 to help sleep. So anyways, my tolerance is lower than usual, but not that low. .10 still barely has me feeling anything, although the weed I have now is closer to mids than dank.

    Anyways, out of sheer boredom I decided to try smoking some avb that I've saved from my pax that in saving for edibles. Didn't really expect much. First, I rolled a spliff of about 60-40 tobacco-avb ratio. Didn't really feel high afterwards, more just the general effects of tobacco and a very relaxed feeling, as if I was wrapped in a warm blanket. I figured that was the CBD aspect since the CBD to thc ratio is higher in avb.
    Well after that I decided to roll a pure joint of avb because I felt the tobacco had overwhelmed it the first time. Final weight of the joint filter included was .50 on the dot. Let me tell you, I was fucking gone, off to see another planet. The next night, I decided to try a bowl of it instead. Grabbed my big yellow spoon named EFM and loaded him up. 2 pulls into the bowl, not even half way through, and I was already at a good place. Finished the bowl because I don't like leftovers, and I was just as gone as the night before.

    Now, I'm curious why AVB is getting me as high as it is. I can smoke .10 in one hit from a one hitter and just feel a buzz, but 2 pulls into a bowl of avb and I have a better buzz. Tolerance lower than I think? Current weed just lower quality in comparison to the avb(all the avb was dank, like I said I'm smoking mids rn)? All the different strains mixed In the avb(there has to be at least 10-15 different strains in there) just stronger to my body than the weed I've been smoking for the past 2 months? Combo of all of them? None of them at all? Just me? What are your thoughts? :smoke:
  2. Avb is a dirty high and not one i like im a heavy smoker an ounce last me at most a week but when im having bad "episodes" of pain after having 3 tumors removed i go through a quarter a day.

    Before i started growing id mix avb and kush to get high and it saved me on weed but the high was never as good as just pure good kush.

    avb works more on some than others my body got used to it fast only lasted like 2 weeks before no affect.

    now im a licensed self grower so i always got the good good.

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  3. That's what I thought it would be like, which is why I never smoked it before. I just got curious/bored and wanted to try it. It's just as good to me as a normal high, but I also haven't smoked a bowl of green really since my slow down. Closest I got was last weekend when I cut the grass I smoked 5 one hitters, but they were all spaced out over the course of a day to power me through the lawn cutting. I have a joint that I rolled 16 days ago that I'm planning on smoking tomorrow tho so we'll see if i get 4x as blasted on the green as I am with The avb.

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