Smoking at work

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by punkooo., Aug 17, 2008.

  1. So a couple friends came by while I was working today.

    Took a break and went outside to smoke a blunt with them.

    Maybe five minutes after Im finished, I walk back out to the front counter, and straight burp smoke up in a customers face.

    I don't know if he noticed or not, but it was damn funny.
  2. Hah nice. I used to work at a garden center just doing menial shit like watering and moving plants, and almost all of the other worker bees there smoked up. So I talk about it with this guy Mike, and the next day we burn up a J in the back while unloading some sod from a truck (if youve never done it...dont). It made the shitty work pretty hilarious, but afterwards we had to head back to the front of the establishment and split up to do various things. So being something of a newbie still, I was left alone to talk with my two bosses and get sent off to do stuff blazed. All I could do was go "uh huh, ok" and walk off. Good times
  3. Lol i used to work at Toys-R-Us and get blazed out back then go grab a skateboard skate around then go play video job ever but pay wasent too good.
  4. Haha yup...half my job is to do all the outside gardening around the bulding. I get to work in the morning, smoke a joint, put on my iPod and go to town on the weeds, haha. It makes the time fly past, I get to jam in the garden and my tan is fabulous. Win-win-win situation!
  5. I work with my uncles so we smoke a joint or 2 before work
  6. Haha, sounds like good shit man. Getting payed to play video games would be so bombbbb..

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