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Smoking at uni

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by peskypete, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. So I prefer smoking indoors. I need to stop the smell and most of the smoke.
    I have bought a shotgun pipe
    Made a sploof
    Am going to smoke in bathroom with loads of steam
    I have febreeze

    Anything else i could do?
    PS i know im being overly cautious but i dont smoke often so its ok
  2. Smoke outside? its what I do...

    When I sesh at uni I just go down to this spot in the bushes. There's this old tree thats been worn down overtime through people sitting on it, so it's legit place to blaze.

    P.S are you from NZ?
  3. Outside will be very busy no matter where i go lol.
    Besides i really do prefer to smoke in my nice warm bedroom lol.
    No im not from NZ
  4. If you prefer to smoke in your bedroom, then why bother smoking at uni if you're worried about it?

    Oh,where are you from? and i asked if you were from NZ because you used the word "uni"
  5. Uni - i thinks the NZ guys stole it from the Aussies who stole it from the Brits
  6. if youve got ensuite which it sounds like you do, put a towel under the door (its not magic, doesnt work wonders but its alright) and get the room all steamy then smoke, afterwards spray your febreeze

    tbh it sounds like a lot of hassle when you could just find a chill spot outside on or out of campus
  7. Didn't think of a towl lol.
    I might smoke outside when i know the area better :)
    I'm from the UK
  8. If it's really a problem, get a vape. It'll still smell, but it doesn't carry nearly as far and it's not quite the same, immediately recognizable somebody's-smokin-weed smell.

    However, you're at a college....chances are it's not going to really be that big of a deal. Idk how shit works outside of the states though, tbh.
  9. Iolite + sploof = nothing outside a 3 foot radius, and smaller amounts of herb needed.
  10. Its obviously not a big problem if your still inside. If you were really worried about the smell you would be outside.
  11. Yeah man buy a vape, that's the solution to all smell related problems.
  12. Was looking at the £30 vapostar. Might buy that
  13. What uni are you going to?
  14. I would really rather not say lol. Its in London though
  15. My issue isn't the smell it's the smoke detectors?
  16. [quote name='"Mr DudeMan"']My issue isn't the smell it's the smoke detectors?[/quote]

    I've thought of that.
    Steam sets them off too, so the ensuite door is designed to not let steam out. Works same for smoke.
    ...or just cover it up lol
  17. When I was uni we just used to tape a plastic bag around the smoke detector, then we could smoke away. :smoke:

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